inventory system composition


1 . zero Background of the study

Computer system nowadays is actually a basic need for your business or businesses. It helps a lot in such a way that it makes job more intensifying and productive. It is an important things that a firm that exploit data. Having computer applications may help a firm grow bigger and be competitive in the movement of business community. It helps a whole lot because almost all the companies at present uses laptop literate and intensely competitive in lots of aspects. Whatever kind of business you control, you’re needed by law to keep financial records relating to it.

Bryan’s School Supplies and Equipment have to divisions, all limbs is using a manual inventory system. Every single branch has its inventory system and information transactions each day. The owner comes to visit in every single branch to evaluate the inventory and sales of the organization weekly. It requires long time to allow them to record and file. Almost all their transactions plus they find problems and obtaining and searching their record in the past yr or weeks.

The moment recording their daily sales and products on hand they should interact or their very own lot of people working in order to finish the position on time. The records of two divisions are separated with each other. The proprietor found problems on checking records and sales of his business because the two branches are located in different place so he has to travelling in order to check his business.

The owner is seeking the most practical way the place that the owner can save his cash time and effort once checking the stocks and options inventory and sales of his organization. A system that can merge all of the records with their inventory and sales so that the owner need not visit every branch of his business.


The primary objectives from the study in order to create a listing system that could help the business increase their sales. Project aims to develop a world wide web where the share and revenue record of company is usually stored. This system will help thecompany to record and look at all the record easy and fast, and also pertaining to the owner to view sales and inventory of his/her organization even without visiting to that. The data of stocks and options of all divisions are kept in the web. Especially, this study aims to:

1 ) Provide an quick and simple to use products on hand system intended for Bryan’s University Supplies and Accessories

installment payments on your Replace manual inventory with automated on the net inventory

3. Develop a system to help Bryan’s School Products and Accessories with their problem in terms of their stock data and product sales inventory

four. Create a web page where they can save and view their particular stock products on hand and daily sales

5. Create a system that could help their business be more effective

6. Create a report about the daily stock information through the use of net

7. Create a secure products on hand system in web


This study would highly propulsive and can provide the community a solution for his or her problem regarding the said matter. The results of this part of research may possibly provide an essential informational base for the advance of the business industries. A result of this research studies would particularly facilitate the policy manufacturers and organizers in creating suitable strategies for the future plan of action for getting better quality of education as the foundation of the organization system. This study may benefit the next:

The company: this kind of study can assist the companies to be more accelerating and effective this examine could give the companies the idea on how to minimize the cost, commitment of their shares and staff in terms of saving daily purchase, sales and inventory.

Business Staff: this study may give personnel a benefit mainly because if the firm prefers to utilize this study as their system, their very own job will be easier and faster. Workers: the result of the analysis could gain the employees to minimize their jobs and it will become easy for them to record all the transaction and inventory every day. Future research workers: this research could provide information for future years researchers which may have a related topic. They canuse this kind of study because related materials on their research study.

Technical Report on Related Literature

2 . zero Review of Related Literature

This chapter gives the related literature and studies after the thorough and in-depth search done by the researchers. This will also present the synthesis of the fine art, theoretical and conceptual structure to fully understand the research being done not only that the definition of terms intended for better comprehension of the examine.

2 . 1 Introductory Affirmation

Organizations need to make the right choice and select the products on hand control program that not simply supports their very own current needs, but more importantly, is able to support additional efficiency to narrow the business progress and technology gap on the right price. The following are instances of inventory control systems that may suit your organization. In order for each of our project to reach your goals and much much better than others, all of us made a process that can provide all the info and orders of a organization. Also, we all add some extra and exclusive features to tell apart the difference of your system for the other systems employed by some business firms.

We all gathered information about the features of some business inventory management system and compared that in our task as a related literature. The graph under shows the comparison of inventory systems regarding their benefits.

2 . 3 A comparison of the different system towards the proposed one particular

Bryan’s Online Stocks and Inventory System use an insight device such as Barcode Scanner and RFID (Radio Rate of recurrence Identification). Also this system has the capacity to search and filter data easily. Nevertheless unlike the other systems this kind of project has its own unique features that some don’t have. It is an improve inventory system with a special features that various other inventory systems don’t have. Other folks don’t have an event like notifying the user about the number of goods in the products on hand which is one of the special capabilities of this system. Also it is able to generate daily report and possess compilation of transactions and records performed from the start up to the current particular date. It has the ability to store data online through the use of private network over the world wide web. Also with this technique you can personalize your own desired ui.

With this type of system the organization can be more organize mainly because they can store all their records and data online, this reduces documents and it makes transactions easier and faster. That they don’t need to worry if the laptop will becorrupted or damage because every one of the data was being stored on the net, they can open it to any pc as long as they have the security password and login name of their personal site. Each of the transactions performed in this products on hand system take place in real time. Therefore when multiple users happen to be accessing products on hand you can rest assured that they’re all seeing the latest info. Updates take place instantly, you can forget waiting for transactions to post. We can say that this method is more enhance and useful to use compare to the other systems of the other companies.

Methodology and Project Scheduling

3. 1 Introductory Declaration

Literature review is an important component for this job since it will offer general idea and idea on how to develop an Online Stocks and options and Inventory for Bryans Accessories and School Products. Besides it will provide the requirements and issues that need to be confront during the improvement of the project development.

Task schedule is a project improvement plan that shows the activities that has been plan throughout this project advancement. It will provide the guide to put into practice the improvement of the project. Bryan’s On the web Stocks and Inventory Program have the pursuing SDLC and Hardware and Software to get complying so as to have a good program project end result.

3. a couple of Systems Advancement Life Pattern (SDLC)

The SDLC of Bryan’s On-line Stocks and Inventory System develop consisting of 6 levels to follow to be able to develop the program. The 6 stages will be project organizing, project examination, project advancement, testing and debugging, rendering and repair.

3. 2 . 1 Program Planning

Through this stage the proponents determine and select the application to be used for Bryan’s Inventory. In system planning the proponents opt for the project, brainstorming, doing research, interview as well as the whole part of the team grows the system. The look of the program determines the job of each associates. Determining who will used the system and capabilities of the system toits end user, the products to be utilized in platform in the system.

3. 2 . a couple of Project Evaluation

In program analysis period it includes scripting, business process, data flow and database framework as a anchor of the program. It also include the planning with the schedule approach finish the machine project, the process and paperwork of the program

3. installment payments on your 3 System Development and design

The device development level is the app where it develops physical design. The proponents make scripting codes to calculate the inventory and building of the system.

3. installment payments on your 4 Testing and Debugging

Check the program for insects and problems. The supporters used the line code reader to test the system; using the scanner the supporters will identify the functionality in the system. Tests and debugging helps to detect whether the strategy is working properly or not. The supporters let someone use the program that is not acquainted with the system to try the system features subject for improvement.

3. 2 . your five Implementation

The implementation of the syste3m will be exclusive pertaining to bryan’s school supplies and accessories. In the implementation from the system requires an internet connection to view the products on hand of the business. The user log-in to a private network intended only for the inventory of Bryan’s college supplies and accessories

several. 2 . 6 Maintenance

In case there is error in the functionality in the system the user/company can simply contact the proponents through the email or perhaps call/text to solve the problem. The device will put into action using the internet that this proponents verify and update. The proponents helps keep an eye for the upkeep for one year.

3. 3 Software Requirements (Recommended)

Bryan’s online inventory system supported operating system can be any home windows 7 range with thirty-two bit and 64 little processor. This system is online and it doesn’t have much application requirements nevertheless the researchers prefer to use home windows for this program.

3. 4 Hardware Requirements (Recommended)

The hardware requirements for Bryan’s Online Stocks and shares and Products on hand System happen to be mouse, keyboard, and keep an eye on, CPU with 2 GB and up RAM memory, Intel processor with 2-8 callosité, hard disk (250 GB) and power supply.

three or more. 5 Task Scheduling

Bryan’s Online Stocks and Products on hand System will take 47 days to be able to put into practice and employed by the company. The actions and timetable of events are displayed in our PERT and Gantt chart which can be shown under:

Summary of the Findings, Conclusion, and Advice

4. you Introduction

This kind of chapter reveals the overview of the findings, conclusions and recommendations based on the data reviewed in the previous phase. Some restrictions have been recognized. The analysts study handles the research and development of Bryan’s School products and Add-ons current products on hand system. The analysis focuses on increasing and on improving the existing program to twice the performance and blood circulation of data. The researchers proposed an online inventory system where all the ventures and techniques are done through the use of private network over the web

4. 2 . Findings

The researchers found out that the on-line inventory program has a big help to the company as well as to the consumer of the system unlike the current system which will exhibits diverse problems just like:

System break down

Gradual processing of information


Unorganized records

Too many documents

Many folks required to process transactions and inventory

The researchers also available out which the proposed replacement of the existingsystem can give the next benefits: 5x faster digesting of data when compared with manual system of inventory A fraction of the time consuming

Ongoing access to the entire system

Better system of record transactions and data

Reduces paper works and workers needed

some. 3. Bottom line

The researchers figured:

1 . By exchanging the existing components can give way to the problems encountered by the encoder/user.

2 . Inputing of information will be continuous and more quickly.

3. The recommended solution would bring such benefits in terms of protection cost and overhead expense of electricity.

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