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A cultural policy is a plan or action of presidency agencies which will aim to improve or change society.

• Sociologists will be divided as to whether there should be a relationship between sociology and government cultural policy

• 1 . One group argues that sociology should be ‘applied’; it should be used to directly impact government to bring about reconstructs. 2 . One more group states that sociological insights should be used to substantially change the political and marketplace – they have to not be used for change. 3. And, • Finally, there are those who argue that the idea of sociology is that costly academic subject and is without use-value besides to increase home knowledge.

• Anthony Giddens In accordance to him, there are 4 practical benefits associated with studying sociology: 1 . Understanding society2. Knowing of cultural difference3. Increase in self knowledge4. Assessment of government plans • Understanding Society Sociological understanding will take two varieties:

• Truthful – offering us with the ‘facts’ which will allow all of us to form a theory• Theoretical – providing all of us with evidence as to why something is happening

• An example of how factual andtheoretical understandings of society can positivelyinfluence interpersonal policy is the sociologicalstudy of poverty.

• Poverty in britain (1979)• Philip Townsend’s analyze showed that poverty continued to be a huge, even though hidden, problem in the UK.

• This was despite the creation with the welfare condition.

• Through his fact gathering he made poverty socially and see visible once again • ContinuedHe provided atheoretical analysisof this challenge bydevising sophisticatedways of measuring it: he devised the’relative deprivationmodel’.

• Definition• He argued that poverty can only properly end up being understood with regards to what people normally expect to have in a society – even if this was well above the level of d�ch�ance.

• The brand new way of defining poverty brought about a whole new insight into the nature of poverty in affluent communities. • The effect of Research Townsend’s research, along with future sociological research into poverty, led indirectly towards the creation of1. The lowest wage2. Tax credits •

• Furthermore Left Realists have had an influence in government cultural policies toward crime• New Labours harder approach to the policing of hate crimes, sexual approaches along with the advantages of ASBOs, reflect the Left Realist concern pertaining to the subjects of crime.

• Awareness of ethnic difference and self knowledgeGiddens also argues that ‘Pride’: Londonsociological analysis hasdemonstrated the extentof elegance againstmarginalised groups(those on the border ofsociety for instance:, women, thepoor, the handicapped, ethnicminorities, homosexuals)

• ContinuedThis has led to empowering those marginalised groupings bygiving these people a degree of self expertise. It has also allowed the federal government to respond in aninformed way, for example…

• Government Social Policy• Sociological studies have resulted in in the Disability Elegance Act as well as the Disability Privileges Commission Action in the nineties. • Research also resulted in the Competition Equality guidelines of 1976 and 2000.

• The Sex Elegance and Similar Pay Serves of 1975 grew away of feminist research in to sexual elegance in the place of work • Examination of the associated with policiesFinally, Giddens points out the sociologyhas a vital role to play in makingassessments of the effectiveness ofgovernment social policies

• It had been usedextensively in theNHS to determine justhow powerful certainmedical procedureshave been in conditions ofbetter quality lifestyle forpatients as well as the costto the NHS.

• Giddens therefore argues that socialresearch has already established a positive influenceupon government social policy the two at anempirical level (by fact gathering) and alsotheoretically (arriving at explanations forcertain social problems). • Others however believe governmentsdo not merely respond to sociologicalresearch in the because of this Giddensdescribes.

 • The functional issue of winning an election contributes to the dismissal of policies that are not ‘vote winners’ towards the inclusion of ones which might be.

• Governments only action when they are pushed by groupings that are strong enough to obtain their sights heard by politicians. • Finally, it is strongly recommended that government authorities only do something about research in order to fits using their political or perhaps ideological agenda • The Black Repor

t• For instance , this report, carried out in 1980 about class inequalities in health made 37 far-reaching insurance plan recommendations for minimizing inequalities• These kinds of included free of charge school foods for all kids, improved working conditions, better benefits for the disabled and more spending on housing

• The Labour government had originally commissioned the record in 1977 but it was only completed in 1980, the year after Mrs Thatcher’s Conservative government came to power• The newest government refused to implement the information recommendations on reasons of cost and even tried to prevent its publication.

• Marxists reject the concept that polices even as far reaching as these proposed by the Black Statement are enough to solve the challenge (in this instance, of inequalities in health) anyway

• For them, capitalism is liable for these (and other) inequalities and so the solution is the abolishment of capitalism.


• The federal government is reluctant to devote itself to radical financial change.

• So , even though sociology can uncover the extent of social concerns and suggest solutions, solutions are chosen only when they fit the government authorities political agenda.

• This political schedule, for Stuart Hall and other critical sociologists, is to maintain ruling school hegemony. • Indeed, sociable polices offer ideological legitimation for capitalism and face mask capitalist fermage

• For instance , the wellbeing state gives capitalism a ‘human face’, making it resemble the system cares about the ill, poor and old.

• Indeed Marxists see the guidelines that createdthe welfare condition after the second World Warfare as apart of preventing revolution by ‘buying-off’the staff opposition to capitalism

• Sociologists possess therefore recently been caught up in providing legitimation for a program that should alone be attacked• The victim-centred approach of the Left Realists to offense for example , moves attention from the crimes of the powerful – the greatest guideline breakers in society.

 • Sociology has become colonised by ruling category.

• The us government is portion of the superstructure therefore will always action to protect ruling class interests.

• Thus Marxists claim social challenges can only be solved through radical financial change – not change through legal guidelines.

• Marxists do recognize that sociable policies do sometimes present real, if perhaps limited, benefits to the doing work class

• However , these kinds of gains are constantly below threat by capitalisms propensity to go into periods of recession leading to cuts in spending on well being

• As a result research which usually reveals the truth about the interpersonal problems capitalism creates (crime, unemployment, poverty) cannot be used to solve these problems. • The only answer to social problems is a wave to overthrow capitalism and create a classless society.

• Similarly, Socialist, Marxist and Radical Feminists argue that efforts to ‘tinker’ with the program miss the actual of inequality in contemporary society

. • It is the direct effect of patriarchy and / or capitalism and could not always be ‘legislated’ away.

• Significant, Marxist and Socialist feminists argue that the existing system is in fact based on the exploitation of girls; it is patriarchal, and only by simply dismantling the complete system will women attain any form of liberation.

• They as a result criticise open-handed feminists for their close connections with authorities.

• Without a doubt, despite equalisation legislation, females still generate less than men and are avoided from attaining powerful positions.

• Content ModernismFor these people, sociology is without contribution tomake to coverage. The part of sociology is to merely allowpeople to search out an understanding oftheir personal lives within a specific socialcontext..

 • This is because post-modernists reject the modernist idea of ‘progress’; cultural research may not be used to jason derulo in the ‘good society’

• Knowledge is a social structure – a series of metanarratives

. • Sociologists imagine there is an ‘orderly world out there to get discovered by rational scientific method’ nevertheless post modernists argue there is absolutely no such thing.

• Thus sociology is just an academicdiscipline and its conclusions should not beused to inform authorities social coverage.

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