The article of Michael Maniates entitled Individualization: Plant a tree, get a bike, preserve the world substantially helps in informative me with regards to the important elements that must offered due focus and importance when referring to environmental degradation. Maniates discuss the famous tale of The Lorax, which covers the cause of environmental degradation plus the way of it must be addressed through individual responsibility.

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However , the discussion of Maniates points out the shortcomings from the idea of specific responsibility in which collective action is necessary to be able to properly talk about the existing environmental problems.

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Just before reading this content, I always thought by means of undertaking my own very little way of recycling I am already significantly contributing in saving environmental surroundings.

I likewise patronized item that they label as “environment-friendly wherein I will choose to buy paper cups instead of the plastic alternatives. In addition , I will also patronize products that advocates conserving the environment. Even so, I realize that over usage is one of the primary causes of environmental degradation and even though I am buying eco-friendly products, I actually do not discover any substantive changes in the betterment of the world.

I i am feeling the consequence of climate transform more than ever, which makes me think whether idea of specific responsibility is definitely working. Upon reading this article of Maniates, especially the component wherein this individual points out that individual responsibility is usually not enough as it does not tackle the other factors that considerably contribute to environmental problems such as: power, privilege, and unjust distribution of resources.

The majority of institutions have got a slim approach to solving environmental problems that do not take into account the factors of power and politics in saving environmental surroundings, which at some point affect the thinking about people in terms of doing their particular part in terms of this problem. Based on this, I learn that in order to properly address environmental problems collective action is essential wherein people should work together in order to change the framework of institutions just like the government, environmental organizations while others when it comes to the concept of addressing environmental problems.


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