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literacy before ENG115

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The way I actually understood literacy before the literacy class was majorly in three major sections, the ability to write correctly, ability to believe before I actually spoke and ability to know.

Writing properly; was regarded as the ability to deposit the content on paper in the accurate grammar.

Capability to think ahead of speaking; I actually considered this kind of the capacity to contemplate the consequences of the words that I would speak before speaking them away.

Ability to browse and comprehend; this was considered the capacity to take up material, read it and know exactly what it can be talking about. These were the three perceptions that designed my understanding of literacy before the ENG 121 class.

Recently developed definition of literacy (how/why it has changed)

After participating in the full course class of literacy, you will find changes that I had in perception of literacy and these included.

Using accurate grammar was highlighted like a significant component to literacy and not only writing appropriately that counted in literacy, right sentence structure was unavoidable.

Annunciating effectively was also highlighted as the ability to speak the words as they should be voiced and pronounced and this was clarified in the ENG115 school to be more important that only thinking before speaking and even speaking.

Setup of sentence structure was a different important component to literacy that ENG 121 taught me personally. Proper setup of sentence structure helps in avoiding distortion of message in the act of connection due to failure to implement grammar as it should be (Jamea Paul G. 2014).

This is the way the ENG 115 classes reshaped the original perspective I had developed on literacy hence significant for my own Business Managing major.

Section II

We. Professional and Career Expansion

Literacy lessons care a key component in my field of profession as a business manager as it can be use in the following areas;

a). Professional presentation – in the business managing process, you will see several presentations to be built. The modern-day presentation does not only require used word however the written slideshow that will be expected on the wall. This means, in addition to getting to know using language well, there is have to follow the guidelines of grammar and have appropriate annunciation during the professional presentation, otherwise the professionals may lose interest in the demonstration or it may have no planned effect.

b). Career development- this is the second aspect that accompany the ENG115 course. The ascending to higher levels of the business management can simply be made to possess a higher likelihood of achievement if the continuing correspondence sticks to to the rules of literacy in British rather than when the potential company finds fault in your correspondences.

II. Specialist Training

a). Training development-There will also be the necessity to use the literacy skills

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