imagery in caged bird article


Maya Angelou uses caged and totally free birds to symbolize the think of attaining liberty.

The composition illustrates the contrast among imprisonment and freedom through symbolism of your caged fowl and a free of charge bird then between their very own dreams and desires.

Although the poem chemicals a picture of your carefree parrot in a amazing landscape the caged battling bird trying for independence seems to rule the poem giving it a severe and solemn tone.

The beautifully crafted poem clears our head to unhappy truths about segregation and oppression through a wonderful blend of similes, metaphors, rhyme, repetition, assonance and also other figures of speech.

The composition uses highly effective imagery to share the view and message of the poet person.

Metaphor “Bars of rage symbolizes the anger and frustration from the enslaved not having the freedom expressing the feelings.

The “Narrow Cage is used to describe the claustrophobic society in which the suffocated captives are subjugated to embarrassment and refused equality is obviously or society.

“Graves of Dreams the caged fowl stands on is another example sketching the disillusionment with the black oppressed people.

They will fear that freedom for them is merely a mirage -something so evasive something they will never accomplish.

White persons represent the free fowl able to “leap on the back side of wind is to do as the person chooses. The free fowl thinking of “free worms and “naming the sky his own shows that these free white males care only about their own wealth and disregard the needs and yowls of the oppressed black community. ‘The caged bird duplicate the dark citizens in the US. The wings happen to be clipped and his feet tied up tell us why these people are without the simple joys of flexibility, which is their very own birthright, and also have unfortunately and unfairly become victims of discrimination and racism.

The phrase “tune is observed on a isolated hill can be described as message the fact that white individuals have knowingly shifted far too aside to hear the cries of “the black caged birds and decide to get indifferent and lack any compassion.

Another phrase, “dips his wings in orange colored sun rays,  reveals a contrast between your delicacy and gentleness with the language as well as the blunt harshness of the theme of the composition. The poet person has together used highly effective verbs just like “Leaps, flows, dips and dares to explain the actions of the free and oppressed.  The bird “stalks¦ opens his throat to sing delivers that singing is the just expression of freedom as well as the only means of leaping and floating forward towards liberty.

This highly romantic composition concludes over a optimistic notice by saying through the words and phrases “for the caged chicken sings of freedom demonstrating that little by little the captives will flourish in making everybody aware of the social injustice and obtain the much earned freedom and opportunity to always be happy.


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