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Getting the first-person that buyers meet whenever they come to the front table, the need for professionalism and reliability and a friendly demeanor is crystal clear to my opinion. I had to look neat and lustrous every day. My spouse and i met consumers with a laugh and stated a willingness to help them. I had formed no choice but to remain focused through and held asking buyers how I could be of help. There are numerous distractions at the front end desk although I had to give my customers undivided attention at all times, and i also did. When a customer has such undivided attention, they will develop the impression which the company principles its buyers greatly (Christensen, 2015).

Answering phone calls was part of my personal job. Therefore there are times a phone will ring while I was actually attending to a customer. I would apologize and request these to allow me to response the phone. We would answer the phone and continue attending to the customer in front of me personally as soon as possible. I might also pardon for the interruption.

Personal Growth

Learning how reservation software worked well, how additional equipment was used at work as well as the telephone devices were part of my personal expansion in technological expertise. The various tools are designed to boost efficiency at the job. I as well had to find out ropes in the charity affairs so as to always be best put to respond to customer inquiries. I likewise learnt the value of keeping a neat and arranged work space. It offers an impression of being organized. I kept organization brochures and other materials within their place; ready for use (Christensen, 2015).


Calling consumers by term, using their games such as Dr ., Engineer, Mr. or Mrs. is a part of expressing tenderness and an individual connection. Offering services over and above what is anticipated including serving them with a beverage, suggesting a service and even hanging their particular coat will go a long way in expressing awareness. Since I had been the last person who the customer saw before they will left any office, I would make sure that they playing a good impression. I would share delight for their check out (Christensen, 2015).


The need to keep peaceful under high pressure from rivalling demand for interest was paramount. I had to multitask efficiently and made sure that everyone was attended to (Doyle 2017).

Emotional Maturity

I was eager not to give a negative impression to the clients, with my figure language. And so i tried to not slouch but stood direct. I would take a look at customers right in their attention. I would steer clear of negative not verbal indicators such as moving yes or sighing. I would personally show that I was willing to listen

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