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Excerpt from Annotated Bibliography:

Bracken, D. (2013). Pupil Solutions Manual for Bracken/Miller’s Intermediate

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Algebra. Independence, IN: Cengage Learning.

Typically, what is the cost for the 4. 5-mile ride within an ambulance the moment advanced lifestyle support services are getting provided? The going charge in 2013 for advanced life support services can be $830 and mileage is $6. 00 per mile; that results in $860

Burton, L. (2014). Why the best fire engines for slight calls? Seattle Post-

Intelligencer. Retrieved January 23, 2015, from

The head with the Seattle Fireplace Department, Lieutenant Harold Net, was asked why big expensive flames trucks have to be sent to slight calls, this individual responded: “Dispatchers send the closest available units to that particular location. ” This article will not address the economics in the situation, although clearly firefighters get named, and they move.

Davenport, New jersey. (2012). Open fire Department Common questions. Retrieved January 23, 2015, from

This article mirrors what the past reference reported about for what reason big machine fire vehicles rush to the scene when an ambulance was called. “Firefighters can is to do get there 1st, ” also because firefighters happen to be cross-trained in EMS, they will provide

emergency services before the ambulance as well as the ALS professionals arrive.

Ioana, M. A., Ramona, C., Bianca, L., and Bank loan, F. (2013). Impact of Economic

Crisis on Public Services of Social Worth in Romania. Annals from the University of Oradea. 22(1), 491-498.

This peer-reviewed document addresses the crisis in Romania through the 2008

recession. Notwithstanding the shortage of money available to the government during that nerve-racking time, basic emergency services must be provided.

Koff, S. (1982). What Price Existence. Cincinnati Magazine. 16(1). ISSN 0746-8210

This information includes a issue within the City Council of Cincinnati about the high costs enclosed ALS and BLS companies. “We are responding to much more headaches and stomach pains and points we really should not be responding to, ” said assistant fire chief Eversole (Koff, 76).

Kurola, J., Wangel, M., Uusaro, A., and Ruokonen, At the. (2002). Paramedic helicopter

Unexpected emergency service in rural Finland – perform benefits justify the cost? Retsdokument

Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica. Volume 46, 779-784.

In Finland, just like many other countries, the costs of providing ALS and BLS

services has become astronomically large. This part illustrates the fee issues in Finland, in addition to most cases, a helicopter was sent but only BLS care was needed.

Neyfakh, L. (2013). Plenty of medical personnel, but exactly where are the fires? Boston World.

Retrieved January 23, 2015, from


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