ur a 9163 and r a 7077 essay


1 . Exploration onR. A. 7077

Itisanact providing intended for the development, administration, organization, teaching, maintenance and utilization ofthe Citizen Armed Forces ofthe Military ofthe Korea and for various other purposes. This may also include detrimental police officers as needed tomaintain rules and buy. Itisknown asthe Citizen Armed Forces ofthe Israel Reservist Work.

Republic Act 7077 mandated the creation ofthe Arrange Commands inall the major service levels ofthe armed forces, namely the Philippine Army Arrange Command (ARESCOM), the Filipino Air Force Arrange Command (AFRESCOM), the Filipino Navy Book Command (NAVRECOM), the Technological Reserve Element (AFPRESCOM) plus the Affiliated Reserves orthe AFPARU.

Under these types of reserve orders, the Chief ofStaff ofAFPRESECOM was also made. Tomeet the mandates ofthe law, the General Headquarters ofAFP activated AFPRESCOMon April01, 1993 and re-aligned the personal and facilities ofthe defunct Metropolitan Citizen Army Training Command word (MCMTC) tooversee the Reservist Program.

Itwas the work ofthis main group toimplement infull force and result the RA7077 law and toprovide administrative control and supervision overall the book units established under this act whose services and utilization will be national inscope.

2 . Assess R. A. 9163 (NSTP Act of2001) and Ur. A. 7077

R. A. 9163or Countrywide Service Training curriculum (NSTP) isaprogram aimed atenhancing civic awareness and security preparedness inthe youth bydeveloping the integrity ofservice and patriotism while undergoing schooling inany ofits three software components namely ROTC, Literacy Training Support and Social Welfare Teaching Service. Its various pieces are specially designed toenhance the youth’s active contribution tothe general welfare. Onthe other hand, Ur. A. 7077is aprogram that delivers the base pertaining to the expansion ofthe Military ofthe Thailand inthe celebration ofwar, intrusion orrebellion; toassist inrelief and rescue during disaster orcalamities; toassist insocioeconomic development; and toassist inthe operation and maintenance ofessential government orprivate utilities inthe furtherance ofthe overall objective.

3. Which ismore appropriate and ideal between the two laws onthe present circumstance ofour region? Why?

Inmyopinion, the more ideal and suitable law isthe R. A. 9163. Itisbecause our nation faces fewer wars credited tothe existence ofthe ASEAN committee and other peace treaties. Wenolonger locate war asasolution tosolve challenges between international locations. Furthermore, L. A. 9163 incorporated a lot of elements ofR. A. 7077 such asmilitary training and improved legislation byadding Literacy Training Assistance which locomotives students tobecome teachers ofliteracy toout ofschool youths and Civic Well being Training Assistance which isdevoted toimproving well being, education, environment, entrepreneurship, security, recreation and morals ofthe citizenry.

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