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Galaxy Sports Inc. (Galaxy), a U. S. -based company of sports activities equipment, is a calendar year-end SEC registrant with one operating part and the following three reporting units:

Fitness Equipment.

Golf Equipment.

Hockey Products.

Galaxy is at a competitive industry with several publicly traded companies by which growth and profitability are tied to industry and buyer demand

Three reporting products are appropriate since discrete monetary information exists for each part, each part is a organization, and each element is been able separately.

The Home fitness equipment component is usually Galaxy’s largest reporting product. Over the years, different acquisitions possess resulted in registered goodwill of $200 , 000, 000 assigned completely to this reporting unit.

The Golf Equipment element is a significant golf equipment manufacturer that was acquired in 2004. After acquisition of the business, Galaxy recorded $130 million of goodwill that was assigned totally to this revealing unit.

The Hockey Gear component is actually a small hockey equipment maker acquired in 2003 to achieve entry in the very successful hockey products market.

Galaxy documented $30 million of goodwill related to this kind of acquisition, that was assigned totally to this credit reporting unit.

Galaxy has elected an annual goodwill impairment screening date of December thirty-one for all three reporting models.

In Dec 2010, Galaxy management interested Big Time LLC (Big Time), a reputable external valuation organization, to perform 3 annual ASC 350, Intangibles ” Goodwill and Other, disability analyses (one for each reporting unit) around the $360 , 000, 000 of goodwill recorded by Galaxy since December thirty-one, 2010. Previously, management had performed the annual goodwill impairment analysis internally. Yet , given the increasing complexities involved in the calculations and source constraints at Galaxy, the business decided to make use of a third party.

Through early talks with Galaxy’s management and massive Time, it absolutely was expected the fact that entity would definitely pass the first step of the goodwill analysis for a lot of three reporting units which has a significant safety net (i. electronic., the estimated fair value of each credit reporting unit substantially exceeded the book value) for each confirming unit. This was also like goodwill analysis that was performed internally by Galaxy in the previous season. Copyright 2009 Deloitte Expansion LLC

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Case 11-9: Goodwill Impairment Big t esting

Galaxy management mentioned that the significant cushion was likely mainly because

2010 Q4 revenue were very strong, and good sales were also expected intended for 2011and past. Big Time accomplished its evaluation in late January 2011 and, as expected, Galaxy passed the first step of the annual goodwill impairment evaluation for each reporting unit. Galaxy’s common share price was $56. 75 as of Dec 31, 2010.

Take note: As of December 31, 2010, Galaxy’s reveal price was $56. 75 and 46 million stocks were spectacular, indicating an industry capitalization of $2. 6th billion. The implied control premium of 18 percent is looked at by administration as affordable.

First One fourth of 2011

Administration released Q1 earnings, that were slightly under expectations. In a Q1 press release, Galaxy attributed the lower revenue to the delaying economy and reduced customer spending on outdoor recreation. Galaxy’s common share price fell to $49. twenty-five after the launch of Q1 earnings.

Second Quarter of 2011

Managing released Q2 earnings about July 12-15, 2011. As with Q1, Q2 earnings were also below anticipations because the delaying economy resulted in continuing cutbacks in customer spending. In Galaxy’s press release, management reviewed the impact from the slowing economic system on it is business. Additional, the company experienced additional pressure on their sales through the quarter because of an increase in sports equipment manufactured in China that was being bought at large lower price retailers. The apparatus has a low cost point, which is appealing to consumers during difficult economic instances. Historically, Galaxy has not knowledgeable significant competition from imports because the top quality of the imports is substandard to the quality of the athletics equipment manufactured by Galaxy. Galaxy’s common reveal price dropped to $45. 25.

Third Quarter of 2011

During the monetary close procedure, management regarded as performing aninterim goodwill impairment test but , after researching ASC 350, determined it absolutely was not necessary.

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Case 11-9: Goodwill Impairment To esting

Site 3

Management released profits on October 15, 2011, and indicated that though Q3 revenue were substantially below expectations because of a continuing slowing economy and decreased consumer spending, revenue will rebound in Q4 as retailers stored up for the vacation shopping time. Historically, Q4 has been the best quarter to get Galaxy with Q4 revenue representing much more than 50 percent with the company’s gross annual sales. Galaxy’s common talk about price dropped to $31. 50 after the earnings launch. On Sept. 2010 15, 2011, the FASB issued ASU 2011-08, Testing Goodwill to get Impairment, which will amends the guidance in ASC 350-202 on tests goodwill for impairment. Under the revised assistance, entities tests goodwill pertaining to impairment have the option of performing a qualitative examination before determining the good value from the reporting unit (i. electronic., step 1 with the goodwill impairment test). The carryforward choice permitted in ASC 350-20-35-29 was taken out. The amendments are effective intended for annual and interim goodwill impairment assessments performed pertaining to fiscal years beginning following December 12-15, 2011. Early adoption is permitted; however , Galaxy chosen NOT to early adopt this kind of guidance when you are performing their annual goodwill impairment test as of December thirty-one, 2011. Year-End 2011

As Galaxy prepared for its twelve-monthly goodwill impairment test, administration determined that (1) resources and financial obligations of the Home fitness equipment and Dance shoes Equipment reporting units hadn’t significantly altered, (2) the newest fair benefit determinations (the 2010 evaluation prepared by Big Time) pertaining to both reporting units ended in an amount that exceeded the carrying sums by substantial margins, and (3) on such basis as its analyses, therehave been no significant events or perhaps circumstances that will cause the fair value to land below publication value pertaining to both reporting units. Because of this, management decided to carry forwards the prior-year step 1 analyses for the Fitness Equipment and Hockey Equipment reporting products. Management presumed that ASC 350 backed its determination to carry forwards these analyses. For the Golf Equipment reporting unit, administration used the analysis produced by Huge last year and updated this as of 12 , 31, 2011, by using the same growth level and low cost rate just as the prior 12 months. On the basis of this kind of updated research, management figured the Golf Equipment reporting unit passed step 1. A summary of Galaxy’s 2011 total annual goodwill disability test employs:

* We have elected to carry ahead the fair value as of December 23, 2010. Be aware: On January 31, 2011, Galaxy’s discuss price was $27. 55 and 55 million stocks were excellent, indicating a market capitalization of $1. 375 billion. We all firmly believe that the revealing unit good values stand for management’s perspective of the business business and expectations. The marketplace has undervalued the company’s share. Accordingly, the implied control premium of 120 percent is seen by supervision as reasonable given the entire market climate.

Galaxy released year-end revenue on January 25, 2012. On the basis of the annual profits release plus the lack of a great expected Q4 rebound, Galaxy’s common share price dropped even further, via $27. 50 on January 31, 2011, to $21. 25 following the earnings relieve. Galaxy registered its December 31, 2011, Form

10-K upon February 12, 2012. Needed:

Should managing have performed an temporary goodwill disability test as of September 40, 2011?

Believe no temporary test is necessary. Was administration justified in carrying frontward the prior-year goodwill impairment test for the Exercise equipment and Dance shoes Equipment reporting units?


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