Nike’s Ethical Dilemmas Going International Essay


Companies are confronted with several moral dilemmas if they decide to get international.

They may be faced with concerns including child labor, hazardous working surroundings, below the livable wage revenue, long doing work hours, exploitation of natural resources, and bribery. For instance , Nike was faced with a number of these issues whenever they made the decision to go global. The company itself did not manufacture its own goods but rather outsourced their designs to manufacturing companies all over the world. Nike’s main reason for doing this was to take advantage of the cheap labor overseas. However , this led them to become criticized because many people believed Nike was turning into rich by exploiting the hard work of underpaid staff.

Most of these instances against Nike could have averted if the organization would have used precautions about the ethically debatable working conditions that had been going on inside the subcontracted companies. Nike would have researched the countries we were holding subcontracting their manufacturing to determine a livable wage. The corporation could after that require their particular subcontractors to pay all of their workers in least a wage that could supply the demands of the individual member of staff. In doing this Nike could have averted the criticisms about underpaying poor world workers for his or her input in the manufacturing companies. Likewise if Nike raised the wage enough to support the person and their family it would prevent child labor from happening.

However , Nike should have also set a minimum age need with their subcontractors to ensure that simply no child labor laws were broken. A cap would have also been placed on the number of several hours an individual may work each week to ensure that no one was being above worked inside the manufacturing plants. With these requirements Nike would have keep on its own safe from becoming convicted of having child labor, long functioning hours, and under repayment to the employees in their subcontracted manufacturing plants.

The subcontractors must have also been necessary to meet particular set of Into the Safety regulations to ensure that their workers weren’t exposed to any hazardous working environments. The factories probably should not allow anybody to be encountered with any amount of chemicals which might be above the Occupational Safety and Health Operations set limitations for harmful chemicals. To make certain the companies had been following these types of requirements Nike should have set up an auditing system that periodically examined on the industrial facilities to determine if perhaps they met all the requirements necessary to buy from Nike.

The auditors inside the system should be well informed of all the so-called safety and health requirements as well as the minimal age, wage, and quantity of several hours an individual is definitely allowed to function per week. If perhaps any factory failed to satisfy the requirements within a set deadline the business arrangement between Nike and the subcontractor would be ended. If Nike would have established certain criteria for their overseas factory subcontractors before they will made production deals they could have avoided most if perhaps not all of the criticism regarding exploiting poor world workers for cheap labor.

Making the proper ethical decisions can be hard to make particularly when other companies happen to be gaining a benefit by taking advantage of work of poor community workers. Yet , these rewards are only short-term and they can result in severe consequences down the road just like boycotts, legal cases, and negative media. Performing the right thing can be expensive but can have wonderful features in the long run to get a company.

For instance , if Nike portrays that this requires the subcontractors to acquire working surroundings that move the Health and Safety regulations and well as it pays off the workers a livable wage, it could boost sales in the United States because U. S. individuals like to know that poor community workers are protected by global companies trying to make use of their work for unsustainable wages.

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