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Market Entry Approach, Decision Theory, Monopoly, Economical Theory

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c) Mutual Interdependence: This presumption is based on the partnership between several individuals in which one person depends on the various other for financial interest or benefit. When making a decision one has to consider the effect of his or her decision to the partner. This is common in the Excellent competition – pure marketplace phenomenon.

With the assumptions over a game theory helps in having a perfect competition among the buyers.

Goal theory in best competition market

It will describe marketplace structure depending on assumptions that happen to be non-existent, most market devices are not perfect, however the long run and short run situations can assist in holding the assumption to be authentic based on the equilibrium, value and outcome.

Basic presumptions required for circumstances of genuine competition to exist as below;

Various small companies: Each manufacturer producing a significant percentage inside the total outcome in the market therefore has no judgment in the market prices.

Many person buyers, there exists no monopoly power: Ideal freedom of entry and exit by the firms with the application of the game theory that ensures that all firms achieve maximum required profits in the long term.

Homogeneous products: these are comparable product available in the market and with the using the game theory there can be approaching of ideal substitute goods hence a single firm earning advantage over the other.

Monopolistic market framework: In the game theory an individual participates directly in a market system in management from the firm as well as the decisions in the firm upon price perseverance and production hence the advantage of the various other. In order to maximize profit the overall game theory provides for arrangement of various prices towards the buyers although through different activities like advertising branding and personal selling which will enables the corporation to earn advantage over the other.

3. Monophony.

This can be a market framework where the consumption is done by only sole consumer the sport theory then simply will allow the upcoming of another buyer thus resulting in consumption competition in the market.


The Game theory in the market styles ideally handles trying to effectively predict the results of the technique game in a market place where participants have no information about the motives or the goes of the other person or market player. The sport theory has a small number of players such that the decision of one gamer can change or determine the direction with the market pattern and the value in the markets as suggested above.


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