french revolution and napoleon composition


Coordinating Match each term with the correct affirmation below.

a. abdicate g. sans-culottes b. deficit spending e. avis c. plebiscite ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 1 ) 2 . three or more. 4. five. Spending more money than is usually taken in Working-class revolutionaries The right to vote Boule in which arrêters say certainly or no to an issue To quit power Meet each person with all the correct assertion below. a. Napoleon deb. Olympe para Gouges w. Jacques Louis David at the. Clemens von Metternich c. Maximilien Robespierre ____ 6th. ____ 7. ____ eight. ____ on the lookout for. ____ 15. Jacobin innovative who led the Rule of Terror French correspondent who required equal legal rights for women Leading painter through the French Innovation French emperor who completely outclassed Europe in the early 1800s Austrian knight in shining armor who wanted to restore its condition of 1792 at the Congress of Vienna Match each term with the correct declaration below. a. blockade d. nationalism n. bourgeoisie elizabeth. sans-culottes c. emigre ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

11. doze. 13. 14. 15. The wealthiest members of the Third Estate An individual who fled ground-breaking France to reside another nation Radical working-class men and women A sensation of pride in, and intense devotion to, one’s region A military tactic through which ports happen to be shut off to hold people or perhaps supplies motionless in or out Meet each person with the correct statement below. a. Louis XVI d. Olympe de Gouges b. Clemens von Metternich e. Robespierre c. Napoleon ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 18. 17. 18. 19. twenty. “Let all estates list their grievances to me.  “Lives has to be sacrificed to get liberty.  “Woman’s rights are the same because those of gentleman.  “I love power as a artist loves his violin.  “Monarchy may be the only way of saving Europe from your ravages of nationalism. 

Recognize the page of the choice that finest completes the statement or perhaps answers problem. ____ 21 years old. The bourgeoisie belonged to which of the following groups? a. the First Estate c. the Third Estate b. the Second Estate d. the aristocracy ____ twenty two. The Constitution of 1791 a. eliminated the monarchy. b. set up a new Legal Assembly. c. gave the vote to all citizens. m. reestablished the provinces. ____ 23. Throughout the Reign of Terror, Robespierre tried to a. execute all French hobereau. b. bring back the Catholic Church. c. crush every opposition to the revolution. g. reinstate the monarchy. ____ 24. Which of the pursuing areas did Napoleon annex to Italy? a. the Netherlands c. Biskupiec, poland b. Russian federation d. Great britain ____

25. Which with the following assertions about France’s social structure is true? a. The Third Real estate was made up entirely of peasants. n. The Second House was at ease with the cultural structure. c. There was inequality among the 3 estates. deb. Most people belonged to the 1st Estate. ____ 26. France’s economy was mainly maintained a. the First Property. c. the king. b. the Third House. d. the nobles. ____ 27. French nobles opposed Necker’s economic reforms as a. they backed free trade. b. these were already taxed too heavily. c. they will wanted to shell out no income taxes. d. they thought the response was to produce more jobs for the Third Estate. ____ 28. The Declaration from the Rights of Man and the Citizen explained that a. all men had been born totally free and equivalent in privileges. b. most male individuals had the right to vote. c. male and female citizens were equal prior to law. g. all individuals had to pay equal taxes. ____

twenty nine. How did the French react to threats for the revolution? a. by using mediation to settle differences b. by simply becoming more radical c. by simply welcoming their particular opponents in to the decision-making procedure d. purchasing a new that all citizens were liberal to speak ____ 30. Just how did the Napoleonic Code reflect Enlightenment principles? a. It assured the equal rights of all residents before the rules. b. It guaranteed girls equal legal rights. c. It valued individual rights most of all. d. It valued the security of the condition over person liberty. ____ 31. Which of the pursuing was the key goal in the Congress of Vienna? a. to punish France c. to create a lasting peace m. to create a usa Europe g. to strengthen Germany

____ 32. For what reason did the Congress of Vienna redraw the limitations of a few European countries? a. to encircle France with strong countries b. to develop more countries c. to distribute terrain more reasonably d. in order to avoid the growth of nationalism

Determine 19-1 ____ 33. In Figure 19-1, why are the scepter, or staff, plus the globe proven falling by Napoleon’s hands? a. showing Napoleon using his electric power b. to demonstrate Napoleon shedding his electricity c. showing Napoleon passing on power over his empire d. to show Napoleon’s balancing abilities ____ 34. From which of the next times was Figure 19-1 most likely attracted? a. following Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Nations m. as he said victory following victory in Europe c. at the beginning of his military job d. when he was crowned emperor with the French ____ 35. In Figure 19-1 featuring Napoleon, what do the scepter, or staff, plus the globe together with the cross on it represent? a. defeat c. toys n. power m. freedom ____ 36. Precisely what is the cartoonist trying to display by which include Russian properties on the reduce right in Figure 19-1? a. Russia has a unique architectural design. b. Spain is a universe power. c. Russia is an important element in Napoleon’s fall coming from power. m. Russia is actually a religious nation.

Short Answer 37. Describe the three divisions of France’s interpersonal structure prior to the French Revolution. 38. Discover three causes of the financial crisis France encountered in the late 1780s. 39. Provide two instances of how well-known uprisings moved the French Wave forward. 45. Identify the four levels of the wave. 41. List five techniques the innovation changed lifestyle in England. 42. List the main occasions in the rise and fall season of Napoleon. 43. Explain the chief aim of the Our elected representatives of Vienna. Read the following excerpt from your Declaration from the Rights of Man plus the Citizen implemented by the National Assembly in 1789. In that case answer the questions stated in this article. “The reps of the The french language people, structured as a national assembly, believing that the lack of knowledge, neglect, or contempt in the rights of man would be the sole factors behind public wrong doings and the corruption of government authorities, have determined to set out in a solemn declaration, the natural, personal and holy rights of man….

The aim of all personal association is definitely the preservation of the natural… rights of gentleman. These rights are freedom, property, security, and resistance from oppression. Liberty consists in the freedom to accomplish everything which in turn injures nobody else…. Legislation is the manifestation of the basic will. Just about every citizen includes a right to participate personally, or through his representative, in its formation. No individual shall be falsely accused, arrested, or perhaps imprisoned except in the situations and in line with the forms prescribed by law.  44. What does the declaration claim are the normal rights of man? 45. Based on this kind of excerpt, how will you think the monarchy seen the French people before the revolution?

46. How can this excerpt redefine the relationship between the People from france people and their government? Dissertation 47. Contrasting In what techniques was the Declaration of the Rights of Gentleman and the Citizen similar to the Assertion of Independence? 48. Drawing Conclusions Do you think Napoleon did more to aid or harm the causes of the French Revolution? Work with examples of his actions to support your solution. 49. Synthesizing Information How did the Reign of Terror contradict the values of the The french language Revolution while formulated inside the Declaration from the Rights of Man and the Citizen? 55. Identifying Primary Ideas What makes it possible to say that the “new order founded in Europe by the Our elected representatives of Vienna after Napoleon’s defeat was really an “old order? 51. Predicting Effects What do you imagine would be a very likely consequence from the Congress of Vienna’s decision to redraw Europe’s restrictions without any concern for countrywide cultures?

Chapter nineteen Test: French Revolution and Napoleon Answer Section

BRIEF ANSWER 37. ANS: The First Estate was made from the clergy. The Second House was made from the nobility. The Third House was made up of the bourgeoisie (or central class) as well as peasants and city employees. 38. ANS: Answers includes three of the following: shortfall spending, overspending, a declining economy, poor harvests, the failure of economic reform. 39. ANS: Answers may include two of the following: the storming of the Bastille”set the trend in action and pressed the National Assembly to do this; women’s drive on Versailles”forced the return of the ruler to Rome and forced the Nationwide Assembly to choose France in a constitutional monarchy; uprisings by sans-culottes and “September massacres”pushed the wave into a even more radical stage. 40. ANS: the moderate phase; the radical phase; the Index; the Age of Napoleon 41. ANS: Answers may include five from the following: the revolution removed the old cultural order and made all People from france men equal citizens; that instituted a fresh government; that brought the Church beneath state control; it changed fashion; it introduced nationalism; it made public education offered; it prompted religious toleration; and it promoted Portugal as a seglar nation rather than religious 1.

42. ANS: Main events in the surge of Napoleon: He gained several wins against the Austrians and captured most of north Italy; this individual helped undoing the Directory and set him self up as Initial Consul; this individual declared him self emperor of the French; this individual defeated every one of the major powers, except for Britain. Main situations in the fall season of Napoleon: He dropped his marketing campaign against Russian federation, which led to his defeat by Russian federation, Britain, and Prussia; this individual abdicated. 43. ANS: to make a lasting Western european peace simply by establishing solid nations adjacent France and a balance of power through protecting the machine of monarchy 44. ANS: liberty, house, security, and resistance to oppression

45. ANS: Answers ought to point to the concept the monarchy most likely seen the French persons as assets to be utilized as the monarchy observed fit and worth small consideration as entities on their own. 46. ANS: The government is out there for the main benefit of the people, as opposed to the people existing for the benefit of those governing them. ARTICLE 47. ANS: It was similar in that this stated that men are born similar; that they are created with particular natural legal rights, including freedom, property, secureness, and resistance from oppression; and the government exists to protect these types of natural legal rights.

twenty four. ANS: Students who think that Napoleon injure the revolution may point to the facts that he took away many of the protections the French people gained throughout the revolution, which include women’s legal rights, and that his defeat refurbished the monarchy. Students whom believe Napoleon helped the French Revolution may point to the reality that he codified many of the changes as a result of the revolution into rules (the Napoleonic Code); and this more people had the justification to vote, personal property, and be educated than under the old regime. forty-nine. ANS: This denied people their legal rights to liberty, property, secureness, and capacity oppression. 60. ANS: Area of the aim of the “new order was to restore political conditions to what they had experienced 1792. To achieve this, the monarchy was reinstated in France and in the other European countries that Napoleon had overcome. 51. ANS: Most students will probably say that this will inflame emotions of nationalism and eventually result in war.


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