French and Indian War Essay

French and Indian War Essay

The French and Indian battle (1754-1763) changed the relationship between Britain as well as its North American groupe.

Assess this change for TWO of the next in the period between 1763 and 1775. (Land obtain, Politics, Economics) Thesis: Following your French and Indian conflict and the romantic relationship between Great britain and the Upper American groupe worsened, terrain acquisition and economics manufactured a great effects in the period between 1763 and 1775. In 1763 one of the first things on the colonists’ minds was your great traditional western frontier, which will Britain received over if the French ceded the competitive territory. The Proclamation of 1763 do little to generate that happen and made issues worse intended for the settlers.

The proclamation closed the frontier to colonial enlargement. This stored the Indians with their individual land and the Colonists over the Eastern seaboard. The settlers were suspended from moving western world of the Appalachian Mountains, which means that settlers inside the Ohio Area had to move back even more east nearer to the seaboard. The Sugar Act would much more harm economically towards the American settlers. This take action taxed any kind of sugar or molasses that came into the groupe.

England found the recognition that as England fought against in America throughout the French and Indian Warfare the American Colonists should pay fees to pay for the price tag on war. Various colonists were being given birth to in America, creating them to believe they were fewer British. These taxes simply pushed the colonists far from want a United kingdom heritage.

During this time the Currency act likewise did little to help financial growth. Parliament banned the colonies coming from printing their particular money, which in turn would have provided the colonists an easier possibility to pay off their particular debts.