EXPOSITORY ESSAY THE NEED TO PROMISE STUDY REGARDING INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE IN NIGERIA It is a pity that Nigeria’s native languages had been relegated for the background through the years. Nigerian college students are taught in The english language Language which regarded as the lingua franca of the country.

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This is not good enough. Though Nigeria has several indigenous ‘languages’, there is ought to promote the study of these native languages. This is exactly why the Federal government Ministry of Education caused it to be compulsory for every student to examine at least one Nigerian language in the Senior Supplementary School level. Even during the tenure of Professor Babs Fafunwa since the ministry of education, it was canvassed that local languages ought to be used to educate primary school students. Dialects are associated with culture and tradition of the people.

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Therefore , the usage of another people’s language as a method of interaction in Nigeria indicates that we have relegated our personal culture and tradition to the background. This might also connote that we have much less a country thrown away every relic of colonization. Indigenous ‘languages’, if showcase can be the unifying factor in Nigeria. They enhance peaceful co-existence and tolerance among the Nigeria people who may have a sense of belonging in the country. Additionally , indigenous different languages also enhance understanding and appreciation of your own lifestyle and traditions.

Why do we need to promote the culture of the foreign region at the charge of our individual? The campaign and analyze of local languages will likely give us countrywide identity. A language is often associated with a nation. Therefore , if we showcase and examine our own local languages, the world will determine us with these local languages. There are several benefits to gain from advertising our local languages.

The lingua franca which we’ve been clamouring for over the years will certainly ultimately come out if we may promote the study of these local languages. Furthermore, the study of these kinds of languages will enable our children to be conversant with mom tongues seeing that thoughts and language may hardly become separated. Finally, it is an set up fact that a leaner 1st thinks inside the language of his environment and this procedure for thinking enhances his knowledge about his immediate environment and tradition. Hence, a thorough foundation must be laid inside the study of our indigenous languages in the country. ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY NIGERIA NEXT CHIEF EXECUTIVE SHOULD BE A FEMALE Good working day, Mr.

Chief, panel of judges, co-debators, ladies and gentlemen and my most attentive market. My name is Oluwole Oludayo. My spouse and i am below to support the motion which states that ‘Nigeria’s up coming president could be a woman”. 2015, it is predicted that a fresh civilian director will arise to direct the affairs of the region. The presidential candidates for each and every of the functions have been nominated but there exists one thing i am sure just about everyone has not noticed all applicants are males!

Sometimes, My spouse and i sit down and wonder for what reason we simply cannot have at least a woman among the presidential candidates since we got independence in 60, no female has been given the opportunity to contest the presidential political election and I think which our great nation is making a mistake. First and foremost, if Nigeria has a woman as her president, there are so many advantages and benefits we can enjoy. Among such rewards is that a female president can be more honest than guys.

When we come with an honest leader, then we can begin to think about economic growth. Furthermore, we all know the popular saying which should go thus: ‘what a man may do, a lady can perform better’. Certainly, this saying is true since women include proved to be better leaders than men. For example look at the popular Magaret Thatcher.

She is a lady of advantage, discipline and honour. She has proved that ladies can in fact surpass in a gentleman world. Additionally, if Nigeria next leader is a woman, she would always be upright, disciplined and very organization she would appreciate that she actually is in a person world which she is facing many problems in which the girl cannot afford to fail because your woman wants to show a point.

Consequently , this will make her function very hard and be organization in decision-taking, she will not bend for anybody. If we possess a leader who is incredibly firm, bribery and problem will be eliminated. Similarly, it will have less likelihood of waging war. The country beneath the rule of a woman will be at tranquility with her neighbours. Rather than go to warfare, a woman will easily work out for peacefulness and she will also make certain that she is always at peace with the residents of the country.

I must as well state that girls are usually compassionate by nature, even though can be firm. If Nigeria has a feminine president, she would feel highly for the little children, the poor, the widow and the less privilege who have beg by the road sides. Also, those people who do not have clothing and shelter will be taken care of. Finally, I must say that if Nigerians decide a female president, it will be a fantastic turning point in the history of the country. It will also be an honour to have a Nigeria’s first girl president.

Therefore , ladies and gentlemen, My spouse and i am of the candid watch that in the event Nigerians can give women a chance, I am sure that they can not be sorry. NARRATIVE COMPOSITION THE PITY THAT REFUSES TO GO When I was just fourteen years old, I used to be sent by my community to live with my sister who had became married. My personal sister had complained about the need to have got house help after having her 1st born.

With the permission of my parents, I went to live with my own sister and her partner in Lagos. Immediately I acquired to Lagos, I was signed up in a college very around our house. My own sister was obviously a business woman who distributed ladies sneakers and hand bags while her husband was obviously a civil stalwart.

My sibling regularly travelled to the far eastern part of the region to buy her wares. In most times, I would personally be only in the house with her partner and baby. After coping with them pertaining to four years, I noticed a change in the attitude of my own sister’s husband towards me. He was unnecessarily lavishing his care in me, buying me dresses and gifts.

Several times, this individual bought new clothes for me personally and when he performed this, he’d instruct me personally not to inform my sister. One day, when my sibling was apart to Onitsha on a organization trip, her husband known as me and instructed me to make rice and ‘dodo’ at night and that I should not go to bed until this individual came back at nighttime. I did as he instructed me personally and I had trouble to stay alert until this individual came back around 10. 30pm.

When he came back, he said to serve the grain and ‘dodo’ in one platter and that we were going to consume together. I actually told him that I got eaten but he was adament that I would take in with him on the same desk. He additional told me that he loved me which all the beautiful dresses and gifts he had bought to me were mine if I would allow him for making love to me. My justification that this individual should realise that having been my sibling husband fell on deaf ears. To cut the long story short, we produced love that night and that was your beginning of the many love bouts we had.

After having a year of having this magic formula love affair with my sister’s husband, I acquired pregnant. When I told him that I was pregnant pertaining to him he, he informed me to make that a secret forever in the event that could not agree to abort it. I was frightened to devote abortion and it did not take well before I was discovered by my own sister.

She forced me to tell her who was in charge of my pregnancy. In her annoyance, she sent me back to mother and father in the town, divorced her husband and swore to renounce myself as her sister. I actually later did marry and I were required to live with my first kid whom I had fashioned for my personal sister’s husband’s house.

My husband did not be aware that Ade was my 1st child right up until somebody advised him the complete story of my life. This individual lost all of the confidence in me and since then points have not been the way it used to be. He couldn’t love myself as he used to and so I have had to live with this kind of stigma for the rest of my life.

DETAILED ESSAY THE LOCAL FESTIVAL WITHIN MY VILLAGE The arrival of civilization and western lifestyle has made all of us to ignore our cultural past. Each of our heritage have been lost and traded away for the western methods. Those social heritages which usually had pleased our fore-fathers are viewed down after by youths who consider these heritages as old fashioned and early.

I must confess that I would share this kind of opinion with my peers but I must give it an additional thought once i was happy to go along with my parents to our village to witness a nearby festival. The festival is normally celebrated every single first Saturday of Sept in my town, Obong. Annually the indigenes travel coming from far and near to call together, get together, gather, assemble at Obudu market sq, the location of the annual new year festival.

The foundation of this festival goes as far back as when the initially group of settlers fled to the plateau intended for safety and decided to live there. I can recollect vividly what my personal grandfather set on into the initially festival if the settlers experienced their initially new yam harvested. Traditions has it the very first party was held in the summit from the Obudu Plateau. The joy and happiness distributed among the people was enough to pull the heavens straight down according to my granny. Ever since, the celebration has taken a similar pattern.

Last year, the new sweet potato festival that i witnessed commenced on Thursday. The day earlier that Thurs night, all guys in the village woke up extremely early each morning and still left for their farms. They returned in the evening using their children carrying large tubers of yam on their hands. I joined the town children to transport the tubers which all of us dropped at the market rectangular. In the evening, the men gathered after taking all their bath to talk about over a gourd of freshly-tapped palm wine.

Their dialogue took them into the much night before that they went to sleep in their numerous homes. Extremely early the next day, the women began peeling the yams to get cooking. They brought most ingredients collectively for the cooking as the young men prepared themselves to hold masquerades.

Girls, like me personally were not in order to cook although we helped the women in cooking the food. Saturday finally arrived plus the festival was scheduled to begin at noon. As early as six.

00am in that day time, the women were up again to add completing touches with their cooking and finally they smashed the yams. The real festival began with all the arrival in the ‘Usu’, the primary who was accompanied by the masquerades. The young girls like me personally dressed attractively with the ‘jigida’ beads about our waists. We danced to captivate the ‘Usu’ and his chiefs who at times waved all their locally made fans.

Then your food was served and there was more than enough to go around. Everybody ate to his or her fulfillment. Finally, all things considered the dancing, singing and eating, the festival came to an end in the early hours of Sunday early morning. I could admit this event is of great importance for the Obudu persons because it is the sole time of the year when ever all indigenes of the town, far and near get together to felicitate.

Moreover, the festival offered me a sense of pleasure that I include a historical past which I could be proud of.

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