for what reason did i choose to go after a college


In today’s world there are many individuals who are now trying to pursue a school degree. Most jobs today require some sort of degree in order to have a good location and great pay. The key reason why I decided to pursue a college degree was going to further my own education also to help toward my desired goals in life. They have always been my own dream to personal my own organization once We get out of the Military. I also have a dream for being the initial Female Sergeant Major in the Army.

With these two goals and dreams you need some type of degree to get ahead in life. Seeing that I could keep in mind, I’ve always wanted to own my own bakery. I’ve always had a passion to get baking and designing bread. So I 1st started my degree in corporate Administration last 2004. Beside me being inside the Military it has slowed down my progress on getting that type of level.

Therefore in 2012, I decided to change my major. I discovered a program that was tailored to me inside the military and can help me out in the civilian sector.

In 2013, We finally received my level but it was in Supply Cycle Management, with me being inside the MOS of Supply in the Army My spouse and i felt like this would help me away with buying my business. After I received that level once again We changed my own major. This time around it was to become a Sociology Key. In my mind I had formed no clue as to what I had been getting me into, although I knew that it would assist with my target in the Military. I are really not only a people person; I like to stay to me personally. I was very curious about learning of all the different cultures and the beliefs I recently never chose to learn about them until now. Thus i knew with going into this kind of major it would assist out with dealing with persons on all types of levels. Seeing that I started with university, I found that I have a number of learning designs. To me I find myself like We am a hands-on person an active audience, and a visible learner. I can get things done by looking at it once and then concluding the task with no someone needing to explain it to me over and over again.

As far as activelistening, I preserve information better if I may listen to this. When I are reading I love to read out loud so I can notice what I are reading and try to understand this better. With regards to visualization learning, I like to take a look at something trying to figure out the solution without browsing all the details. I actually took two questionnaires Index of Learning Styles Set of questions by Felder & Soloman and The Middle for New Discoveries in Learning quiz and I go along with both of individuals questionnaires.

The quiz and questionnaire acquired questions that fit me perfectly and the end result gave me a clearer percentage that one of my learning styles I use more often. In conclusion, school may not be for everyone, but for myself it is necessary for me to make it nearer to my desire and goals. While in college, I have learned that later different learning styles that may change through the different courses that we might take. We only have to get used to those who we are more comfortable with to continue to help us prevailed and custom the ones that our company is not used to, to help us with our learning variations.


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