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Prof. Dr . Tanker Spieth – he is mentor at two institutuions, firstly at Kassel University, at the Faculty of Business and Management IBWL (Institute of Management and Business Studies), Technology, Creativity Management and Entrepreneurship (TIME) and secondly, he is visiting professor at EBS University. Dr . Dirk Schneckenberg – he is Affiliate Professor by […]

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Extraordinaire artwork combines dramatic compositions, beautiful specifics, and emotionally charged subject tater to offer viewers because intense a visual experience as possible. Its initial meaning unusual, contorted, grotesque? is now mainly superseded. It is generally decided that the new style was created in The italian capital during the final years of the sixteenth 100 years. […]

First I would like to say the trip to the City Museum was absolutely amazing! I liked every instant of it I saw a lot of cool art and ornement. This was my first time heading so it was obviously a great encounter for me. I actually havent visited a museum quite like it before. […]

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1 ) Logic Logic is the scientific research and fine art of right thinking. It attempts to codify the principles of logical thought. Logicians explore the structure of arguments that preserve fact or allow the optimal extraction of knowledge coming from evidence. Common sense is one of the main tools philosophers use in their particular […]

While Starbucks moves into new markets around the globe, it continue to be build their brand throughout the delivery from the Starbucks Encounter. “Our success at every market that we have created reiterates responsibility to become a wonderful, enduring organization with the most recognized and respected brand in the world, praised for inspiring and nurturing […]

History instructs us it is through the family that fresh generations are equipped with ethics and values with regards to work. The advent of guttersnipe society, with its characteristic openness towards additional social classes, appears to have got relegated the promotion of working beliefs by families to the history. This examine sets out to test […]

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