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Steve F Kennedy, president of the United States once stated that “The superb enemy in the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, prolonged, persuasive and unrealistic”. This quote demonstrates the communications in the film “He really loves me, he loves myself not” where L. Coloumbani cleverly allows the audience to understand the value of points of views when looking at the truth. It allows us to think and not merely jump ahead and assume that whatever we see from an individual’s perspective is the truth.


Inside the first half the film “He loves me, he adores me not” the audience is convinced to believe that an innocent girl named Angelique who is crazily in love with a married cardiologist (Loic), will be used and abused by simply him. In the latter half the film we all, the viewers, see the film from Loic’s point of view which then we find away that that which we just noticed was simply pathological viewpoint of Angelique who is identified as having Erotomania ultimately of the film.

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Gradually we start to relook at what we just noticed and start to realise that what Angelique saw as a marriage was an illusion. Furthermore, in the second half of the film L. Coloumbani has also recreated an image of loic since a adoring and nurturing husband of a standard friends and family. It is a picture of a completely happy and perfect matrimony, however is ruined in the unknown stalker Angelique whom frequently sends him items and emails.

Though intended for Angelique we have misunderstood a girl who all of us thought was a sweet and loving girl who was the victim of a player, for the person we now know can be described as dangerous �puiser who ruined a male’s life. Therefore , it enables us to now available our thoughts to the diverse perspective and the truth is never just coming from a person’s perspective. Throughout the film, L. Coloumbani explores the theme of fact versus optical illusion. In the first half of the film she has allowed for us to view Angelique’s viewpoint of her relationship with Loic which then we find away that that which we saw was only just an illusion.

Once we get to the other half of the film, the truth starts to happen and we commence to see Loic’s point of view which can be the reality. One of this is when we come across saw Angelique and Loic at the playground, the medium and close-up shot of their facial manifestation shows that they may be having a fantastic time collectively. However , we start to see the reality when there was clearly the extended shot from the whole playground when Loic told the story. This shows that Loic didn’t go to the park with Angelique but with his wife and friends.

The close up of Loic facial manifestation when he was looking at the photographs drawn simply by Angelique shows that he don’t appreciate the images and assume that someone is usually stalking him or his friend’s kid, making him feel nervous and frightened. Hence, Coloumbani tries further more emphasize the reality in reality vs illusion, that in order to find out the truth we have to the acquire whole photo of the circumstance rather than simply basing the facts on just the one point of view.

Furthermore, Coloumbani has also related the theme of love compared to obsession while using film “He loves myself, He loves me not”. Defining like it means a powerful feeling of deep affection, passion and accessory towards someone. In the first half of the film we thought that all Angelique was really in love with Loic and he loved her back, yet really it was just Angelique who is obsessed with Loic which in turn meant that Angelique was blinded from the reality Loic is very in love with her.

In the 1st half of the film when we saw Angelique smelling onto Loic’s scarf we believe that the shawl was a gift to her and she is smelling the scarf since it represents Loic, the close up of Angelique’s face expression demonstrates that she is actually in love with him, but in the latter half of the film we find out that the scarf wasn’t a present to her nevertheless that she just located it on the ground when Rachel (Loic’s wife) dropped this when see the park. An additional scene that reflects on take pleasure in versus obsession is once Loic makes its way into the room in Angelique’s home, he detects a family portrait of him self made out of several scraps.

The scary non-diegetic music and Loic’s cosmetic expression when he opens the door to the portrait emphasizes how anxious he was and Angelique’s passion with Loic. Thus, Coloumbani relates the film to truth by saying real love is not merely about affection and passion nevertheless about trust and understanding towards one another. Furthermore, the utilization of dialogue and music continues to be used to even more help us discover Angelique’s blindness to the truth. By way of example in the first half of the film we were demonstrated a landscape where Loic and Rachel was fighting, while Angelique was trying out the wedding costume and preparing the visit to Florence.

The use of no discussion and the passionate non-diegetic music gives us a sense that Loic is likely to break up with Rachel, whilst contrasting to this Angelique is a lot like preparing for the wedding ceremony and trip which show that it’s all going to exercise for her and Angelique’s relationship is going to turn into how to dreamt it to get. However , when we get to see the latter half we then arrive at hear the dialogue without having music and no scene of Angelique. In this article we commence to hear the actual were quarrelling about and then soon understand that Rachel and Loic didn’t seriously breakup.

Therefore, by intelligently using discussion and music, Coloumbani must us that we can’t seriously just assume that what we observe is the fact but we need to get the whole perspective to figure out what is basically the truth. Summing it up, T. Coloumbani reinforces that the truth can be found out after looking through many different perspective of the situation. Though we thought that all Angelique’s tale was the real truth, after we all saw Loic’s point of view we could start to realize that Angelique’s point of view was just almost all an false impression. Hence Coloumbani tries to produce us appreciate that perspective is really important the moment trying to find out the fact.

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