If you were the HUMAN RESOURCES Head of a major competitor of FedEx: a) Take note of the 3 HUMAN RESOURCES practices that you simply would emulate of FedEx. Explain causes of the same. Ans) * Command Evaluation And Awareness Method (LEAP) – This plan gave FedEx’s Non-Managerial Workers an opportunity to seek out Managerial Positions. LEAP came up with the chance for Low Management Staff to try out all their Managerial Expertise. LEAP helped Employees of FedEx verify whether they were capable of managing Companies or certainly not.


It also gave a chance to FedEx to check out the leadership and managerial skills of the internal Staff.

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* “Guaranteed Fair Employee Procedure” (GFTP ) By way of “People –Service-Profit ” (PSP) Philosophy – One of the major HUMAN RESOURCES practices which made FedEx a success story was the Assured Fair Employee Procedure where all type of Employee Grievances were looked after. The viewpoint of inches People-Service-Profit” exactly where Employees had been kept before the company’s income making motives lead to even more motivated staff, leading to more profits in the long run.

It was believed that people before profits were would lead to more efficient work with behalf in the employees for the customers, as a result strengthening the rand name image of FedEx. * Succession Planning Professional Education (SPEED) – The velocity program introduced at FedEx were completed mainly to offer feedback to the high level staff reporting straight to the CEO or to the most notable management of FedEx. Responses was given occasionally n in an attempt to rate the skills and promotability of the people that were more likely to replace all of them in the near future.

This kind of Employees were suggested which in turn areas they will needed to work with to improve their very own skills for new positions some years down the line. b) If you needed to attract top Talent from Fedex, what would be your method for this, presuming compensation and role weren’t the key factors for bringing in talent coming from Fedex? Develop your response depending on the case analyze (identifying areas where Fedex might not be as good) and point out your presumptions, if any. Ans) To lure top Talent from FedEx, we can go in for the subsequent strategies: 5. Fringe Benefits – * Perks – * Job Enlargement And Enrichment More Exciting Task Opportunities Q2. Based on the industry FedEx is in and on the nature of the business, list down 1 or 2 competencies which you believe are key to the organization (across capabilities and levels) and that happen to be essential for workers to possess to ensure the organization to achieve success. Justify your answer well Ans) 5. Recruitment Focusing on Entrepreneurship – The recruiting style then FedEx is always to hire individuals who have a head for new Gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming ventures. They should be creative in characteristics and have the capacity to think out of your box.

This Recruitment technique has worked very well for FedEx. * Employee Centricity and Retention – FedEx Main Competency lies in the fact that all the Employees will be treated equally and every grievance are looked after. No natural stone is remaining unturned to find out to that that all complications faced simply by employees are always addressed to before the organization objectives. Q3. What do you imagine would be the top five measures the CEO of FedEx would wish his HUMAN RESOURCES Head to assess and survey on an constant basis.


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