What is it love to live in a parallel universe where every thing is contrary and nothing generally seems to make sense? In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the author portrays a unique point of view through his science fiction dyspepsia novel. In this novel, Bradbury portrays a lifestyle of no individuality, not any questioning, or perhaps not even studying a book, in result, triggering people to react without thinking. Therefore , this book could be deemed a warning to today’s society and the outcome of the future.


Many people nowadays act like conformists much like the persons in Fahrenheit 451. As an example, in this field Mildred identifies the following; “They write the program with 1 part missing. It’s a new idea. The homemaker, gowns me, is the missing component. When it comes time intended for the missing part, all of them look at me personally out of the three walls and i also say the lines. Here for occasion, the man says, What do you think of this whole thought Helen? ¦.

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And i also say, I say, I think that is fine! (pages 17-18). With this description, it can be clear that Mildred is a person who mindlessly follows particular standards to become in the social norm, thus a conformist. In fact , this could be used today through online community devices including Youth where people listen to the movies and become addicted and fascinated with a particular style or social norm. In contrast, “l sometime think drivers how to start what lawn is or flowers because they hardly ever see these people slowly, ‘ she said¦ ‘l hardly ever watch the ‘parlor walls’ or go to races or perhaps Fun Parks. So Compete got a lot of time for crazy thoughts, I assume. Pages 6-7) This displays how the moment Claries take things gradually, she reaches see the entire world and not simply a portion of computer eke if she was rushing. When compared to today’s globe, if people would decrease and take the time to think, the earth wouldn’t include as many conformists. Today, online networking has taken over a major role in daily lives. In F 451, this describes an identical experience; “Picture it. 19 century man with his horses, dogs, carts, slow motion. After that in the 20th century improve your camera. Books cut shorter. Moisture build-up or condensation. Digest tabloids.

Everything comes down to the gag, the snap ending. (page 52).  Thus, implying that life has become speed and individuals have almost no time to go through, enjoy life or hobbies. Actually the use of mobile phones today requires the life of countless teenagers who have don’t have time to socialize in person and ideally do so through cell phones. Furthermore, messages will be condensed to abbreviations including ‘101’ and ‘OMG as a way of keeping time. Additionally , “There was a tiny party of melody in the air, her Seashell was tamped in her ear canal again and she was listening to people far away¦ Why don’t he get himself and audio-seashell place and talk to his better half late for night¦ Page 39) This scene displays how Assemblage wants to speak with his better half but she is constantly onto her ear phones. This is another example which could compare to just how teenagers today are frequently using technology so much that is distracts all of them from other things. In F 451, ebooks are burnt to prevent style and get a form of censorship of precisely what is acceptable and what is certainly not in accordance with govt, social, and cultural best practice rules.

Specifically this kind of scene; can never have my personal books, ‘ she The folks in those books hardly ever lived. Come out of it right now!  This type of censorship and eradication of materials is designed to stop individualism and foster a specific belief. As well comparing to how today, people do not want additional individuals to run away from the social cycle. Furthermore, “I’m égo?ste they say. We don’t blend. It’s thus strange. I’m very interpersonal indeed. (page 26).  This quotation shows just how Claries will not fit into her school because she will not reason just like the other pupils.

When this is equated for the world today, it can be used for example on how people preferential persons through looks, different thoughts, and overall appearance and section them away from what is considered regular. Throughout this book, Bradbury displays the reader how technology can brainwash persons into brainless fools with no originality. This kind of compares to how in today’s world, people use technology as a way to fit in. Therefore , this concludes Fahrenheit (f) 451 can be a warning to society and the outcome of the future. In conclusion, just how much exposure can easily this world handle until we become mindless people?


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