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Dulce et Decorum est by Wilfred Owen is a famous poem from the 1st world war. It is devided into three parts of which usually each has its very own role. In this analysis I will cover three sections individually, mainly directing on the atmosphere and the thoughts amongst the military. Of each portion I am going to explain how Owen has used a number of language factors to connect these for the reader.

One of the elements explained in the initial stanza is a fatigue in the suffering military. The teenagers are compared to old beggars under carriers and coughing (like) hags (ll. 1-2) which shows that they think physically busted. This simile is one among contrast since the men coming on the battefield were aged strong. The discrepancy strengthens the image of the dreadful condition of the military.

Another facet of the troops state in this first stanza is their very own seemingly not caring and total mental abcense. The men flipped their back on haunting flares (l. 3) as though they never care what is going on even though it is a dangerous situation. They are also said to be ïblind and deaf (ll. 6-7) signifies that they never even registrate what is happening around them. It almost is as if the men are more dead than in, like the living dead. This explanation of the troops creates an eerie picture. Because of this imagery the ambiance is fearsome too.

The eerie ambiance is further more enhanced by the diction Owen used. Almost all the words have got a negative significance. A strong illustrations is haunting in line three. People relate this word to unpleasant problems. The words which will do have a positive connotation are coupled with others which will take the pleasant feeling aside. Like in collection four where the calming word rest is preceded by simply distant which will shows that it is still beyond the boundary away to acquire.

The situation in the second stanza is in full contrast with the way this seemed to be in the first one. The other part starts with a sudden huge increase of energy. Inmidiately in the first line the text Gas! GAS! (line 9) are being cried out. The affirmation marks as well as the use of capital letters indicate that the words and phrases are being shouted out loudly. In that case an euphoria of fumbling (line 9) follows which will implies that there is also a lot of motion. This first line is usually characterizing for the initial half of the second part since it is full of actions whereas the first component was one of rather stationary description.

Another alteration which takes place in the second stanza is definitely the change from all of us (eg range 2) to I (line 14). The person approach tones up the ability from the poem to get its concept across to the audience mainly because its easier to identify with one person than with someone. The recognition will cause you to feel more involved and diamond is a part of understanding. A considerable portion of the atmosphere inside the second stanza is created by the description in the succumbing of the man in lines eleven to sixteen. Owen has in contrast it to drowning inside the sea while under a green sea, I could see him too much water (ll. 13-14). He applied this simile because the toxic gas basically made it appear like that dim trough the misty window panes and heavy green light (l. 13). The term ïdim tells the reader the fact that soldier cannot be seen properly. All together this imagery creates an moon like atmosphere just like that inside the first stanza.

The atmosphere in the third part is not merely eerie nevertheless truly nasty. This is largely caused by the diction which create revolting images. By way of example in line nineteen the word writhing is used. The effect is further strengthenth by the stabreim watch the white eyes writhing. Another line which has a strong impact is amount 22 come gargling through the froth-corrupted lung area. In this phrase the combination of the words together with the same digusting connocation causes the terrible images.

From then on part in which Owen features revolted you he produces the last several lines straight to a specific person: my friend (line 26). This kind of choice of tone makes this think personally dealt with which contributes to the communication of the concept. All in every Owens poem is very effective due to way he is able to create specific atmospheres utilizing the language so that the military feelings as well as the condition they are really in will be communicated extremely effectively towards the reader.

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