Bertha Pappenheim, better known as Anna O, in the world of psychology, was 21 years old when she first started to be a patient of Dr . Josef Breuer. She was considered a talented girl, which has a high intelligence. Sadly, yet , she a new series of mental and physical disturbances that rendered her almost incapable of functioning. “She suffered from a rigid paralysis, accompanied by lack of sensation, of both vulnerable parts on the right side of her human body; and the same trouble from time to time affected her on her side.


Her eyesight movements had been disturbed and her power of vision was subject to numerous restrictions.

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 (freudfile. org) In addition to these problems in addition, she suffered misunderstandings, delirium and alteration of her persona. (This was described as “absence at the time) She acquired head good posture problems, and was struggling to speak or understand her native terminology at times. Through her treatment with Dr . Breuer, these and other extra conditions would surface. It had been during her treatment that Sigmund Freud showed the in her case.

Breuer was an associate of Freud together trained beneath him. Breuer had disagreements with some of Freud’s hypotheses and set out to start his own practice.

It was the case that encouraged the “psychoanalytic cure, which has been the start of the widely used psychoanalytic methods used today. At the onset of Anna’s case, Doctor Breuer appeared at a lost with how to deal with her. However , as Anna’s treatment developed, he gained insight when he observed that, “while the individual was in her states of ‘absence (altered personality combined with confusion), your woman was in the habit of muttering a few words to herself which in turn seemed as if they came about from several train of thought that was occupying her mind.

 (freudfile. org) 2 Once Dr . Breuer gained this kind of insight, this individual engaged in a type of hypnosis. Using these phrases, he empowered her to focus on them like a starting point. By doing this, Anna surely could reproduce the mental thoughts that were living in her brain when in a single of her altered declares. As stated over, Sigmund Freud developed an interest in the Ould – O case. His desire for this case triggered his submitting Studies in hysteria. It absolutely was this syndication which creates Freud as the “father of psychoanalysis.

At this time, Freud constructs his theory that when the mind is fearful and overly mental (hysterical), a person may develop disease symptoms. He goes on to explain the approaches of “free association and dream interpretation, which, in return, becomes the core of psychoanalysis. Once this was performed, he was able to establish psychoanalysis as being a legitimate clinical science. Freud went on the publish Theory on Dreams; The Conscious and Subconscious Mind; The Id, Spirit, and Superego; Psychosexual Advancement, and other theories. Freud initially published Theory on Dreams in 1899.

During the initial 6 years after its newsletter, the book sold simply 351 replications. In fact , it took 2 years before Freud received his fame. A paragraph through the PBS movie Young Doctor Freud summarizes Freud Theory on Dreams. “He uses dreams and dreaming to develop and weave an entire theory of mental functioning, understanding, memory, and wishes. That, I believe, ‘s and the basis for why it’s viewed as a landmark. In the dream book the Oedipus complex is mentioned, the position of infantile sexuality is definitely recognized. That dreams have meaning is definitely recognized.

The sufferer is asked a few to free of charge associate. After getting the wish book you can start business as psychoanalysts since you know ” at least you have a hunch of how to do it. (Young Doctor Freud, 2002) Throughout Freud’s life, a large number of aspiring psychologists were associated with him. In 1906, Carl Jung commences letter messages with Sigmund Freud. In 1907, Jung visits Freud in Vienna and writes The Psychology of Dementia Praecox. Jung resigns by working on the Burgholzli Mental Hospital in Zurich, and visits the united states with Freud.

In 1909, he as well opens his own exclusive practice of psychoanalysis and continues this until his death in 1967, at the age of 85. During Jung’s early on association with Freud, he was a tireless fighter pertaining to the Freudian cause, that is, the common promotion of psychoanalysis. He was swayed by simply Freud’s technique with the incredibly elusive problem of dream presentation. However , in 1912 this individual announces his independence of Freud and goes on to publish Neue Bahnen der Psychologie. This self-reliance seems to be a very long time in the producing.

Jung was slowly disagreeing with Freud’s theories, cumulating with his reluctance towards Freud’s theory around the role of sexuality in the psychic development. By 1914 Jung experienced resigned coming from all positions he had organised. At this time he seems to have been through his personal turmoil, and it was reported he was struggling with moods verging on “near schizophrenia (carl-jung. net) There have been a great deal of records showing that Jung had an affair with a former patient, named Spielrein, during these years. Perhaps adding to his break with Freud and his sex theories.

Jung felt that Freud’s hypotheses were also extensive, summing up with this quote, inch The great concerns of lifestyle ” sexuality, of course , and the like ” are related to the primordial images of the collective unconscious.  4 As great since the differences were regarding libido, a greater one particular was creating, their thoughts about the subconscious. To Freud, the subconscious encompasses overpowered, oppressed or neglected thoughts, although lingering in the individual mind. The unconscious is like a repository to get forgotten items of a person’s past.

It can be absolutely personal and belongs to that individual person alone. Jung, on the other hand, maintained there is a personal unconscious, but it rests on a collective unconscious. He experienced that the ordinaire unconscious does not derive in the personal unconscious, but it is formed from something which is “universal in characteristics.  Jung believed that collective unconscious is the same in all people. Therefore , while Freud thought that every thing comes down to an individual’s past: relatives, relationships and repressed intimate wants and confusions.

Jung maintained it was the ordinaire unconscious that has been “the wonderful sea in which everything else inside the psyche came from and had taken shape. The moment analyzing the case of Anna O, Freud and Jung would have got disagreements. Freud felt the Anna O’s problems almost certainly stemmed from sexual abuse as a child. In fact , it was his perspective that eventually led to the rift among him and Dr . Breuer. Freud was also from the mind this abuse rested completely inside the personal subconscious. Jung probably would not have located a great importance on a conceivable sexual misuse.

Instead, he’d have looked at Anna U through his collective subconscious theory. Jung may have become so far as equating Anna’s paralyzes, and her dream of the snakes while corroboration for this theory. Siting the universal fears humans have of snakes, going back to the 1st book from the Bible. your five To me, Freud would have acknowledged Anna To with many inquiries concerning her childhood and possible lovemaking abuse. He would have been established to find the website link between her problems and abuse. Jung, on the other hand, may well have placed his focus on producing Anna mindful of the common concerns humans have got, and for what reason.

While that they both may well have attempted a form of hypnosis, I do not think they would have been successful, as Doctor Breuer do. In fact , It is my opinion Anna Um was very lucky to acquire Dr . Breuer treating her and not Freud or Jung. 6 Recommendations: http://carl-jung. net/stages Feist, G., Feist, T. (2009) Theories of Persona www. argosy. edu. myclassroom. com http://www. freudfile. org/psychoanalysis/annao_case, Sigmund Freud: Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis. http://oaks. nvg. org http://vizedhtmlcontent. next. ecollege. com http://www. pbs. org/youngdrfreud/pages/theories_sexuality, (2002) Small Dr . Freud.


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