ethnographic research in hospital settings


Respiratory Therapist, Ethnography, Phenomenology, Research Design

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Planning and Design Examination Grid

Ethnographic Research of Patient Proper care

Deitrick D; Bokovoy L; Stern G; and Panik A. (2006) Dance with the call bells: using ethnography to evaluate sufferer satisfaction with quality of care. Diary of Nursing jobs Care Quality, 21(4): 316-24. Retreived http://bluescrubbrigade.wikispaces.com/file/view/Dance+of+the+Call+Bells.pdf

Is the analysis Qualitative or Quantitative?

The investigation study is definitely qualitative and uses ethnographic methodologies.

Ethnographic methods can provide insights in to patients’ perceptions of top quality of proper care.

The study evaluated problems associated with answering sufferer call lamps on an inpatient unit inside the hospital. The decision bell trouble was recognized to have 3 different elements: Answering the phone call bell, communicating the patient’s request, and following through with the request.


The goal of the research was to understand the awareness of medical staff and patients with respect to the use of the nurse contact bells mainly because it reflects on patient care.


Since this was an ethnographic study, hypotheses are not utilized in the manner they can be used in positivist research. The aim of the study was to probe pertaining to insights into the perceptions individuals hold with regards to their quality of care.

Independent changing:

In ethnographic research, impartial variables and dependent factors do not be an important factor in the exploration design or plan for collecting and studying data. Ethnographic research comprises a phenomenological approach where the perceptions with the study participants are shown as accounts that express the were living lives of the people being studied.

Dependent variable:

The analysis approach included the next: Creating data-maps, examining photographs, unpacking interview transcripts, researching observation remarks, reading pleasure surveys, and conducting member checks with study members, to ask in the event that conclusions were correct, and also to understand how your data compare around sources. The qualitative study term with this type of cross- checking of data is triangulation. The process helps you to validate and corroborate findings.

Theoretical platform:

The theoretical framework in the qualitative research is phenomenology and grounded theory.


The hospital ethnographer conducted 62 hours of observations in all 3 shifts in the medical-surgical product over a 3-month period. The population consisted of each of the stakeholders within the

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