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What is supposed be the word ethnicity


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The definition of ethnicity encompasses the traditions of a certain group or persons in a particular geographical expanse taking into account their customs, dialect, religion and birthright. To be deemed an associate of an cultural group, 1 must comply with either all or a number of this kind of aforementioned practices.

Describe the differences between racial and contest

It is imperative to note that there is a difference between race and ethnicity. The difference lies in the fact that ethnicity is definitely tied to ethnic aspects of someone or group whereas race is linked with their neurological aspects. Similarly, with respect to competition, individuals could be distinguished through genetic dissimilarities such color of the skin and also other physical qualities. On the other hand, ethnicity encompasses the culture with the people with admiration to their geographical location, which comprises of different elements such as persuits, religion as well as language (Brown, 1997).

several. The term hypodescent refers to a rule generally applied in the us that implies what

Hypodescent is a rule that delineates an individual who features mixed-race and suggests that biracial people are not really perceived as becoming of equal rights from both groups of parents, but rather tend to be perceived as belonging to the group parent group. For instance, someone cannot term himself to be white in the event that his or her superb great-great grandma is black (Brown, 1997). On one hand, this can be perceived as getting proud of types heritage, although also has a form of racism as one is usually not allowed to add his or her preferred race.

5. This part highlighted that common issues and worries surrounding ethnicity in the workplace contain language, accent, jokes/ridicule, and stereotypes. From the perspective: For what reason do you think problems and worries persist in the workplace? What will you do to deal with these issues and concerns within your workplace?

I think one of the reasons how come these issues and concerns persevere in the workplace is caused by lack of understanding on factors such as variety and being trained about these activities. Another feature is the insufficient understanding that this kind of behaviors aren’t allowed and expected within the organization. There are a variety of ways that can be performed to address problems and concerns in the workplace. One of these is the requirements and observance of difficult and stringent rules regarding the treatment of staff. In particular, these rules must be in tandem with those obligated by the federal government. However

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