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Identify the accounting, auditing and/or taxation issues Because the case would not deal with monetary reporting by itself, these issues are limited. The hours that billed for the client. 2 . If Giles were a person of integrity, he’d tell Supplement Morris he’d set aside his relationship with Regas until the engagement is finished. Furthermore, they have to not be in a same audit crew anymore since they both have personal feelings for every single other.

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If Giles feels that all their relationship is getting serious, one of them will be resign. 3. Everyone would have a couple of weak minute in a marriage. However nonetheless, a professional scrivener should not take their personal pleasure into work or maybe prolong the process of the client’s work. Supplement Morris will need to still discuss with Giles and talk about the client’s (CAA Industries) issues and make it clear with the client and the romance would not affect anything for the engagement. As both Giles and Regas have been focusing on the CAA industries review team for a while, it is not a good idea to replace they are all at this moment.

Herb Morris, because the managing partner of the firm, gets the right to inform Regas and Giles their particular responsibilities and wants them to perform the work within the expectation. If Regas and Giles opt to process their relationship additional, then they should certainly follow the Human Resources policy and one of them should be resign through the accounting firm down the road in order to avoid conflicts of passions.

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