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Novel Cancer Therapy

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The regression of cancer due to the release of just one, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 could lead to a fresh class of cancer remedies. The target is to provoke a sarcoidosis response against a malignant method. This approach most likely represents probably the most effective therapeutic options because it uses an existing biological program. Vitamin D is key for beginning this system of EPOCA.

Story Cancer Elimination

Calciferol deficiency can be associated with increased mortality in Germany. We all calculated a great associated mortality rate of 18, 000 lives misplaced each year [166]. The EPOCA theory submitted here is one causal explanation for this large number. Lacking the necessary vitamin D, the substrate intended for the blockade of cancers cells can be lacking. Therefore , administering calciferol can be thought to be an effective assess to prevent tumor.

Mental Hurdles to EPOCA Theory

The essential concepts of ET? theory were presented in the 4th International Symposium About Vitamin D And Analogs In Cancer Prevention And Remedy in Homburg (Saar) in 2011. Another display followed on the Vitamin D Revise 2013 congress in Munich. The ET? hypothesis issues several practice areas of treatments. The 1st area can be pulmonology, whose practitioners treat sarcoidosis individuals. We must contemplate the oncologists who analyze and deal with cancer. The next area protects the calciferol researchers who investigate the partnership between calciferol and cancer defense.

Even in modern scientific research new findings can continue to be hidden for a long time because they arouse bad emotions. Having researchers keep their traditional working place and get into neighboring areas can be tiring. Therefore , the interdisciplinary point of view of ET? theory requires additional anxiety for those who deal with it. Everybody is inclined to quickly escape to his own secure territory: it is difficult to publish technological statements regarding a neighboring area.

A second anxiety arises, by using a problematic change in the patient’s perspective. When the EPOCA theory is offered to sarcoidosis patients, they will face the concept of uncontrolled cell proliferation: “Cancer” causes the sarcoidosis symptoms. This new perspective is not trivial. The physician should moderate the psychological anxiety for the individual with details. First, the prognosis of sarcoidosis with 97% curing is an excellent response. According to EPOCA theory, this noticed reaction is known as a reliable physical work. It is a psychological good thing about EPOCA theory that it gets rid of the anxiety over a secret disease. The consequence of this talk is a prospective client of a cure in the near future. It really is most important this understanding give a new and successful method of therapy.

So far, the therapeutic success with the recommended cortisone remedy has been inconsistent. The reason for this is certainly attributed to deficiency of perception of vitamin D amounts. In EPOCA theory, vitamin D is an integral part of recovery and shorter form the span of sarcoidosis.

Even if the sarcoidosis patient is definitely confronted with the idea of a cancerous disease, it truly is helpful to know that the cause of this kind of disease is definitely clarified and that a feasible solution to the chronic program exists. How could a doctor communicate the proved diagnosis of sarcoidosis? We put together our ideas in the following draft coming in contact with all four significant aspects.

The right way to Communicate the EPOCA Medical diagnosis to the Affected person?

Suppose there is a physiological response to a condition!

  • “I include good news about your health. Bodies are showing the symptoms of a apparent sarcoidosis. By simply reacting by doing this, your body provides proven that it must be strong enough to recognize a potential threat and to fight with its organic defenses. inch There is a known cause.
  • “This disease is seen as a the presence of precursors of a disease characterized by the abnormal regarding cells. Sarcoidosis keeps these cells coming from proliferating and harming you. ” We have a good prognosis.
  • “The defense in the body is strong enough to get over these faulty cells in 97% of cases. ” There is an efficient therapeutic support.
  • “In this defense of the faulty cells, your body needs the necessary vitamin D”not too little and never too much. With vitamin D your body is recognized and the moments of curing is shortened. Treatment with vitamin D results in an extra increase in the mentioned effectiveness of 97%. “
  • Each of our discussion of EPOCA therapy reveals the biochemical relationships between your disciplines. EPOCA theory is a plausible justification for all the popular features of sarcoidosis. With a readily available material such as vitamin d physicians may assist the physiological method. We see first a new discipline of oncological research with a new concept of starting the EPOCA reaction following cancer diagnosis.


    EPOCA theory sees sarcoidosis as a physical response to cellular material with unphysiological growth. This are the 4 items of this hypothesis:

    A) Case reports of chance of neoplasms in link with sarcoidosis total 14% of all case information of sarcoidosis and underline the connection. The known mimicry of malignant structures by simply sarcoidosis could possibly be due to the effective overlay of existing malignancy cells.

    B) Every known trends of sarcoidosis were examined and can be explained in the fresh context: The pathognomonic “lack of caseation” in the histological picture is based on the full consumption of the system’s own material. The style of the epidemiologic spread of sarcoidosis corresponds to the circulation of the calciferol deficiency. In the absence of vitamin D the physiological process of sarcoidosis is weakened, longer and even more evident to the eye with the doctor.

    C) The biochemical pushes of energetic vitamin D are suitable to lessen growth. Monocytes releasing energetic vitamin D may induce apoptosis of cancerous cells.

    D) There can be a shift in the knowledge of an uncategorized medical trend: Sarcoidosis is no longer a another but a physiological response. This changes a basic medical paradigm: The patient’s sarcoidosis was a contraindication for using vitamin D. This kind of paradigm changes to an indication for vitamin D. Vitamin D however must be applied very carefully under control of serum creatinine and serum calcium amounts. Furthermore a fresh class of cancer therapy might come up

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