Employee Recognition and Reward Program Essay


The 375th Medical Group (MDG) “Your Medical Home for Healthcare” initiated a fresh employee recognition program in 2011. They applied the program while achieving; in 2011 the 375 MDG received NCQA Recognition as Patient Centered Medical Home.

In 2010 & 2011 it was named AMC Greatest Patient Security Program in the Year. This season it was called as AMC Best Medical center of the Yr, awarded a few year Accreditation by AAAHC, and ranked excellent simply by Health Services Inspection. Therefore , in order to determine whether the program was successful we must first look at the background of the MDG. (Saunders, 2012) The medical group is definitely proud to provide many solutions and contains different applications as well. “The 375 MDG supports the 375th Surroundings Mobility Side and 23 tenant products in the global reach mission by providing, increasing, and implementing medical functionality for a contingency tasking.

The 375 MDG trains healthcare professionals yearly through four specialty schooling programs and sustains the readiness skills of more than 476 active duty and Air Book Component workers. Additionally , the 375 MDG provides well being services for more than 26, 1000 beneficiaries. The 375 MDG is accredited by the Certification Association intended for Ambulatory Healthcare,  American Oral Association, and College of American Pathologists and has parti with the American Hospital Connection, and American Medical Affiliation. ” (375th Medical Group, 2012) This kind of organization was formally a hospital with emergency and inpatient providers. Today the 375 MDG is a medical center with outpatient services just.

With commanders coming and going every single two years, all the quantum improvements were taking their cost on the personnel that remained behind. This is primarily the civilian staff in the world of the military. (Saunders, 2012) Technique The commander1 had came right after an exhausting inspection, which granted the MDG a three or more year certification (no home inspections for several more years). Everyone can breathe simpler knowing that the inspection was done. But , wait the commander1 found things that could be improved.

The girl formed teams and committees. Changed/rearranged getting together with names, date ranges and occasions. The new commander1 left zero stone over looked apart from staff delight when it came to changing the organization. The commander1 needs to have used Lewin’s 3 stage change unit.

The alter process may have made the change go smoother. Lewin’s Planned Transform Model a few step procedure is as comes after: step 1) Unfreezing, get ready for the alter. This is the most significant and most difficult step. Stage 2) Movement, implement the change. This is actually the easiest step.

Step 3) Refreezing, strengthen the change. This step is the second most important and difficult step. This may have kept the staff from getting so upset with the many changes from above without any genuine information about the companies direction from your commander1 their self.

A management survey was conducted; this identified commander1 visibility and lack of organization direction as key regions of focus. In October 2011, commander1 manufactured some improvements so that the girl was more visible and delivered data to the personnel herself. Even though commander1 manufactured these alterations, complaints arrived about personnel attitude and rudeness.

The individual satisfaction studies were showing signs of disappointed followers. Then commander1 performed something about the staff’s delight. She formed a customer support group to help with all the complaints about rude services. The individuals were pleased with the attention they received, they were not happy with the manner in which it was being delivered. Right now, we had to figure out what the staff discovers rewarding.

All of us conducted a survey from the entire 375 MDG staff. We gathered survey forms from all over the place. When we tallied the varieties, it was found that we had received less than a third of the forms back. Prepare B had been hatched; get all of the 375 MDG workers while they can be in presence at commander’s call.

A captured audience! Without even counting the surveys, it was obvious that we a new much better collection rate. In the survey we all asked only one question; what kind of recognition do you want to receive and just how would you like to obtain it?

Employees of the 375 MDG results were as follows through the highest ballots to the least: a day off presented by the Group Commander, a certificate of Appreciation from your Group Commander, a written note of appreciation from other respective Squadron Commander, recognition in the each week Commander’s weblog and to always be recognized by the Executive Staff in front of peers. These were the top five benefits of the review the 375 MDG Superstar Council were required to work with. The 375 MDG Star Authorities had to create a set of standards which could be taken as rules for the recognition process. They will challenged themselves with the subsequent: “To recognize those individuals whom demonstrate the values and objectives of the 375 MDG STAR program.

To spot methodologies to foster a climate and atmosphere where customer focus and assistance permeates the organization with the supreme goal of quality health care, service brilliance and customer satisfaction. To understand kids of options and activities necessary to have an effect on a cultural change in our approach to customer service. ” (MDGI36-2803) “The Top quality Services Workplace will oversee the 375 MDG STAR Customer Service accolades program. Every single person assigned towards the 375 MDG may nominate anyone displaying outstanding customer satisfaction by completing the nomination kind found on the MDG’s Enterprise Info Management (EIM) homepage. 375 MDG military and civilian employees will probably be recognized under the 375 MDG STAR program.

For 375 MDG agreement employees, the 375 MDG STAR authorities will frontward their nomination to the 375 MDG Contracting Services Workplace for entry into the Deal Tracking and Reporting (CTAR) system. ” (MDGI36-2803) A couple of guidelines, schooling, and advertising of the program needed to be developed. The 375 MDG Star Council started with the MDG acronym. The “M” stands for “Make the knowledge. ” A good customer hand-off would give the person you happen to be sending the client to details about what is needed and what has been done.

It would likewise send a communication to the customer that they will be valued because they would not have to explain their very own situation to another person. The “D” means “Do that with Design. ” Welcome all clients with a smile as you are exposed to them. Bear in mind the “10 foot rule”; if you come within twelve feet of a customer greet them. Are very proud of yourself plus your job.

In the event you look specialist and work professional then you definitely are a specialist. The “G” stands for “Go above and beyond. ” When supplying directions into a customer escort when conceivable. Stay aware and mindful of the customer’s situations such as letting them understand if their supplier is working late. The council in that case had to switch their focus on training.

How do we train the entire staff from the 375 MDG? We decided to start while Kurt Lewin’s would, along with his 3-step change process. (Kurt, 2012) This kind of first stage of modify involves organizing the organization to simply accept that alter which involves deteriorating the existing status quo before you can build up a new way of operating. The real key to this is developing a convincing message exhibiting why the current way of undertaking things are unable to continue.

This is certainly easiest to frame when you are able point to decreasing customer satisfaction online surveys: These display that things have to change in a way that everyone can figure out. To prepare the organization successfully, you have to start at the core. You have to challenge the beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors that currently establish it. Using the analogy of the building, you should examine and become prepared to replace the existing footings as they may well not support added levels; until this is carried out, the whole building may risk collapse. The transition from unfreeze to modify does not happen overnight: People take time to accept the new path and get involved proactively inside the change.

In order to accept the change and contribute to producing the alter successful, people need to understand how a changes is going to benefit these people. Not everyone will fall in line simply because the transform is necessary and definitely will benefit the company. This is a common assumption and pitfall that needs to be avoided. Some communication are the keys into a successful transform campaign. We all need time to be familiar with changes and need to feel highly connected to the organization through the entire transition period.

When you are managing change, this may require a lot of time and effort and hands-on administration is usually the very best approach. If the changes are taking shape and folks have appreciated the new means of working, the business is ready to refreeze. The facing outward signs of the refreeze can be a stable business chart, steady job descriptions, and so on. The refreeze stage also needs to help people and the organization internalize or institutionalize all of the changes. This means ensuring the changes are being used all the time; and they are integrated into every day business.

With a new sense of stability, workers feel confident and comfortable with the new ways of working. The explanation for creating a new sense of stability inside our every changing world is often questioned. Even though change is known as a constant in many organizations, this kind of refreezing stage is still significant. Without this, employees get caught in a change trap wherever they aren’t sure how things must be done, so practically nothing ever gets done to full capacity. Inside the absence of a brand new frozen condition, it is very hard to tackle the next change project effectively.

How can you go about effective people that some thing needs changing if you haven’t allowed the most up-to-date changes to kitchen sink in? Change will be regarded as change pertaining to change’s reason, and the inspiration required to put into action new changes simply won’t be right now there. As part of the Refreezing process, ensure that you celebrate the achievements of the transform this helps individuals to find closure, thank them for long lasting a painful period, and help them believe that future change will be successful. Together with the unfreeze step of Kurt Lewin’s change process being the most difficult and stress filled. The 375 MDG Celebrity Council paved the way by reducing the “way things are done” which set everyone off balance.

This kind of evoked solid reactions in the staff, and that’s just what needed to carried out. By driving the organization to re-examine the core, the 375 MDG Star Authorities effectively a new crisis, which can build a strong determination to seek out a new equilibrium. Without this inspiration, you won’t get the buy-in and the engagement necessary to impact any meaningful change. What better way to get buy-in, than in the first place the top straight down process. The 375 MDG Star Authorities trained the Executive Team, who would in that case in-turn preached the new concept to their respective squadrons.

Every squadron commander would then simply gather their particular managers to get trained over the following two-weeks. The squadron leader would lead off the training curriculum with their support and inspiration on how essential the program is usually to the organization. The 375 MDG Star Council then conducted the training for the administration staff. This took place within all five squadrons and their management clubs.

No more than per week later every single manager were required to go back and deliver the training to their sections and statement back to the Executive Crew when the teaching was completed and what percentage of staff was captured. To sustain the courses it will be done during newcomers orientation and as requested by leadership or perhaps if trends dictate the importance.

While the training was being conducted on every levels the 375 MDG Star Council initiated the marketing campaign which in turn transformed into the introduction of the wall membrane of celebrity, an “I got caught” campaign which usually asks problem, “How do you really serve our nation’s characters and their family members? ” (MDGI36-2803) The 375 MDG Superstar Council bought and distributed chrome plated identity plates at each clinical affected person check-in desk. The 375 MDG Star Council needed to develop a way to show easily that 375 MDG staff member was recognized for displaying outstanding customer support.

A plastic blue credit card with the MDG logo and explanation on one area and the key phrase “The 375th Medical Group is happy to provide our Nation’s Heroes and the families. ” (MDGI36-2803) On the bottom of the card is “MDG STARS” each time a staff member is recognized among the letters is punched in the shape of a Superstar. This will trigger our customers to ask about the card and a way for 375 MDG staff to identify one another. Precisely what is considered worthy of a candidate selection? “An take action that goes aside from the normal targets of daily customer service actions.

These activities may be toward either each of our internal or perhaps external clients. ” (MDGI36-2803) “The individual making the nomination may possibly send, through electronic means or in writing, the justification as to why they believe the individual justifies this prize to any part of the 375 MDG Celebrity Council. Digital nominations happen to be accomplished by picking the “STAR Catcher” banner found on the MDG STAR EIM homepage. Customer care comments offered on the 375 Medical Group Customer Satisfaction Survey forms and Service Delivery Assessment (SDA) will be transported into the MDG STAR Baseball catchers database. ” (MDGI36-2803) “All customer service distribution will be created monthly and validated by 375 MDG Star Council.

The 375 MDG Superstar Council will certainly punch individuals’ Star eminent based on valid submissions. In addition , the council will maintain a system to all Celebrity punches for MDG personnel. Individuals who obtain their primary punch will earn a blue Legend badge holder; individuals who get their third punch will be recognized in the weekly MDG Commander’s blog. Individuals who get their 6th punch are getting a drafted note of appreciation for his or her respective squadron commander.

Individuals who receive all their seventh punch will receive a certificate in the group leader. Individuals who get their tenth punch is going to earn a single day pass for army personnel and one-day time-off incentive merit for civilian employees. Those who receive much more than ten your punches will Start back at third punch to get recognition. For instance , individuals who obtain their 13th punch will be recognized in the weekly MDG Commander’s blog. ” (MDGI36-2803) “Monthly, the 375 MDG Star Council will identify the top 3 customer service submissions.

These top rated three personnel will be displayed on the Wall structure of Fame board and the 375 MDG Superstar EIM web page. In addition , they will be nominated for the Wing’s Quarterly Customer care recognition plan. Quarterly, the 375 MDG Star Council will send three persons for the wing’s quarterly customer service recognition program. They will be selected from the 3 months prior nominees.

Monthly, the 375 MDG Star Authorities will at random identify 3 375 MDG employees pertaining to the “I got caught… Serving our Nation’s Heroes and the Families” program. Their photo and comments will be posted on the Wall of Fame and at their particular duty places. ” (MDGI36-2803) Results The client satisfaction charge is extremely important to get the success of any kind of organization. The 375 MDG Star Authorities will use SDA, customer online surveys, patient advocate contacts and secret client to validate the employee acknowledgement and prize program.

The organizations common satisfaction charge is 90%. The 375 MDG commander1 wants right now there to be at a minimum a 90% satisfaction charge at all times; upon any given day, at any given time. The very best trends/issues for patients calling the Patient Advocate are; PCM change, Data, Assistance, Interaction, Kudos/Access. Out of this information it would appear that the program is usually working well. In Drive 2011 there are a total of 3 positive associates, 22 unfavorable contacts, and 9 fairly neutral contacts for the total of 34 persons contacting the patient advocate for assistance of some kind.

These kinds of numbers include decreased from your same time-frame as recently. (Patient Supporter, 2012) Not simply are the individual advocate contacts tracked, there are feedback forms around the medical clinic that individuals can submit, in the month of Mar 2012 there have been a total of 136 forms filled out with 14 people requesting responses. 122 forms were positive, 12 were negative, and 2 had been neutral. A snapshot from the negative opinions were wait time with the pharmacy was too long, holding out too long for an appointment, being taught the wrong appointment time and being told to reschedule.

Snapshots with the positive opinions were prompt and specialist, great and intensely responsive to people needs. (Patient Advocate, 2012) Not only is definitely the patient counsel available along with conventional paper surveys about the clinic, there is also a contracted organization that telephone calls patients and have ten concerns about the visit you possessed this week. The contracted organization has no info in regards to the check out or the patient’s personal information, to assure Health Insurance Moveability and Responsibility Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is complied with, however they ask twelve questions on a 1 – 5 range to receive feedback regarding the service and its providers.

Some of those questions are: How many days did you wait pertaining to an appointment; had been you pleased with the attention received, management of health-related needs, and the provider you saw. (Patient Advocate, 2012) Customer satisfaction is important to this firm and they guarantee there are many techniques available for buyers to tone their worries; whether good or bad. Communicating with your clients is vital for the success in the organization and providing quality care. This can be an important aspect to maintain challenging cutbacks in terms of the healthcare industry. Quality care is vital to individual satisfaction and also to the delivery of health care.

There has been a significant focus on the delivery of healthcare and the satisfaction of patients in the healthcare market as a whole. The 375 MDG Star Authorities is still in the act of applying the secret buyer program to help with validation. They have made progress and definitely will have the program in progress prior to the end of November 2012. The data out of this program can be unavailable during the time of publishing. In the event the data were available I would personally speculate that it would display a positive pattern with a dip here or there.

Total, the SDA data, patient advocate data, and customer satisfaction surveys all show a good trend toward program success. The 375 MDG has a new commander who is very visible, and not simply focused on how well the numbers say the organization is performing. The new commander wants to see what negative is being said and if excellent trend. He does like this the organization is usually maintaining around the 90% standard, but what is the a couple of percent who may be not satisfied expressing? How can you make certain about employees and their endorsement or acknowledgement of the system?

The 375 MDG employees will be surveyed by the year’s end to validate the program. The review will be based for the Likert Level. Likert developed the basic principle of testing attitudes simply by asking visitors to respond to a series of statements in regards to a topic, regarding the degree to which that they agree with them, and so supply the cognitive and efficient components of thinking. (McLeod, 2008) It will include no more than five questions.

The questions will probably be phrased to ascertain if the employee is aware of the program, is aware how the plan works, and how frequently do they use the program. The info collected are analyzed to look for the effectiveness with the program. When the determination is created is either intended for or resistant to the program, suitable adjustment will probably be made. The adjustments can range from staff education and training to changing the motivation awards offered to each Legend recipient.

The Employee Recognition and Reward Program started upon 1 By 2012 as was billed by the former 375 MDG Commander1. The MDG instructions for the program is submitted to the EIM site for any to view in their amusement. The star tracking system has successfully tracked more than 1000 celebrity submissions since the January 2012 kick-off. With Commander2 the customer satisfaction rates at 90% or higher the 375 MDG is meeting or exceeding its objective of the software.

2013 commenced as it would 3 years back. In 2012 & 2013 we were named AMC’s Best Individual Safety System of the Yr. In 2013 we were honored 3 yr Accreditation simply by AAAHC, and currently pending the excellent ranking by Wellness Services Inspection in September 2013. (Saunders, 2012) Therefore , I believe this program to be a success, since with all the management changes which has taken place in the organization during the last few years. The organization would not charge as high as it does in client satisfaction if the system was not operating.

In January 2013 Commander2 met with the 375 MDG Star Council to discuss the Employee Recognition System and its current status. Commander2 gave his wish that has been to have the Puzzle Patient Program operational by simply 1 May well 2013. The Star Council invited the sufferer Safety Representative to assist together with the development of the questionnaire.

The staff was educated that the Unknown Patient System was being developed and would be operational by simply 1 May well 2013. The organization began the Mystery Sufferer Program about 1 May well 2013 because commander2 wanted. With only one month of data collected and reported.

It is this author’s belief that the 375 MDG will see same exact results over the subsequent few months to prove the program’s achievement. Continued education and training of the plan will help to increase the patient pleasure rating with time.

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