elizabethan foods and feasts essay


The Elizabethan lifestyle has many uncommon aspects to it. Their very own food was one of the more uncommon. Many different foods made up the Elizabethan diet plan and nothing was wasted. From this paper these foods, along with food trends, feasts, and quality recipes will be described. Food intended for the Elizabethans was a technique of coming with each other and a way of showing status in world.

In Daily Life in Elizabethan England, breakfast was rarely enjoyed. If consumed it was generally pottage (stew), bread, or perhaps leftovers.

Supper was the biggest meal through the day for commoners and offered at midday. Supper was your bigger meal for the upper class and served between six and nine o’clock. Some dinner dishes included pottage, roasting lamb, cooked venison, tarts, and roasted rabbit. Breads was a software program in the Elizabethan diet. The top class appreciated the whitest Elizabethan breads, called Manchet. The lower school ate rye, barely, and mixed-grain breads. Fish was a large element of their diet plan and so had been vegetables.

Spices were used in order to demonstrate your social situation. Ale was the traditional beverage.

“Supper and Feasts,  from the web internet site Let-Them-Eat-Cake offered a look into prestige food. Supper was normally a grand occasion, as nobility liked to entertain friends at enormous banquets especially on holy days, wedding ceremonies, and Xmas. The most Chatel 2 luxurious feasts experienced three programs, with up to 15 meals a program. Some of these included peacocks as well as other fancy wild birds that were served with their down on.

Any type of meat hardly ever was dished up in a meal twice. Dishes were enjoyed with fingertips, there were not any forks simply spoons and knives. Sugars was a high-class only the wealthy could find the money for.

Many ate so many sweets and puddings it induced black tooth. Common people had better teeth because of the little sugar they had in their diets via fruits.

The articles “Snack Foods and “What All of us Eat from your Renaissance site told of the numerous sweet foods eaten since snacks. Marzipan, an almond paste, sweetened, colored, to make into various fancy forms. Gingerbread, sweetcakes, puddings, daryole (cheesecakes), custards, and fruit pies. One of the most commonly used flavor in sweets are walnuts. Cinnamon, clove, and sandalwood are also a few well-used seasonings.

Sugar is definitely imported and far too expensive intended for the common guy. Only the wealthy are able to get sugar.

In “Ingredients Used in the Sixteenth 100 years English Cookery from the web site Infotrope outlined the many meats, spices, fruits, vegetables, and dried foods used in food.

Some of the most widely used are beef, venison, lamb, pork, bunny, and wild birds, duck, chickens, pigeons, fish, cabbage, member of the lettuce family, spinach, sage, carrots, onions, radishes, a scallion, turnips, beans, figs, gooseberries, apples, dries currants. Another interesting tidbit was that due to a heightened longing for privateness the upper school sometimes had their dishes in a “closet (a little private place. ) The servants and household personnel ate in the primary hall.

To give the class a concept of what Elizabethan food is really just like I will be bringing in three dishes to go with my personal presentation. The dishes are Bridesmaid Cakes, Tarts of Chatel 3 Drag (pork dumplings), and a f and Orange colored Tart. My personal biggest curiosity of the Elizabethan food developments were the feasts that were there. A cartel will be portion of the Elizabethan food presentation nevertheless has but to be accomplished. The cartel will include pictures of different dishes, tableware, manners, classic art of Elizabethan feasts, and a menu of a wedding ceremony feast. The meals was one of the many reasons the Elizabethan period of time has put in place history. I am hoping I have in least offered a little taste of why that is to date.


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