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The career of ergonomics in the making workplace and on the Assembly collection flow is a unfavorable concerns which needs to be addressed to be able to the prevent workplace accidents and prevent operate action leading to long term medical trouble for the employees. In 1990 the Kia motor organization established or implemented the applying in which that they handle manufactured intelligence Technology for inspection of potential ergonomics concerns have to do prior to the work recommendations into the Assemblage plant the manufacture of motor vehicles is a complicated and high powered issue and the well worth related to always be workplace irrecoverable productiveness because of bad ergonomics design will be very sententious. We all added to different ergonomics examination system which has been integrated into the task planning for developing system by Ford and global study and procedure allocation program. GSPAS became the Global depot for standard engineering procedure and data for assembling all intended for vehicles which includes part equipment and regular labor period. Another complicated benefit of GSPAS as is the use of control terminology which is also referred to as standard vocabulary. Standard language is a Ford specific restricted exercise of English which is used to describe the automobile assembly procedure at Honda Motor Firm this dialect is used since the suggestions to the unnatural intelligence element of the Global examine process share system. Potential ergonomics is definitely written in standard language which was examine by the man-made intelligence system and accustomed to generate work assembly recommendations which was presented in North America. The work report here let how we assemble upon earlier outcome with artificial intelligence to complex the technology into the fresh region of Economics research.


At the 6th annual utilized economics seminar held in Based in dallas TX in March of 2003, The Institute of Industrial engineers IIE awarded the ERGO CUP training education to Ford motor business. We have been beneficially implement Unnatural Intelligence and also other intelligence techniques with Ford vehicles operation since 1990. In this program it is typically with the preparing and configuring of vehicle assembly method planning. Through this process bedding are created in free form text which will caused major problems due to ambiguity and lack of regularity. The use of control language features disqualify nearly all ambiguity in process sheet instruction and has created because standard structure for producing process sheet across the Company which create work allocations for the plant fruit also to estimate level time effectively. This system is additionally known as the Direct labor management that is the product is based on Reassurance that occupied semantic network expertise representation techniques DLMS applying techniques coming from control Dialect Processing instructions logics and classified structured reasoning to generate detailed program through assembly instruction via high level procedures destruction this method is also give us detailed approximate of the labor content that is required from this procedure description. This kind of involved in the improvement and preservation of considerable knowledge facets on ontology has made all of us to apply this technology to other complicated areas inside manufacturing.

Uses of artificial intelligence Technology:

The economics exploration tool can be used at fault makes use of the following unnatural Technologies explanation logics all-natural language digesting and guideline based digesting

The height of the artificial intellect system is know-how base that occupy will be semantic network model to represent all of the automobile assembly preparing information the application of First 70 network as part of knowledge rendering system is also known as the explanation logics explanation logic execution known as the Vintage has been efficiently used to develop telecommunication gear configurator.

Software use and payoff:

The ergonomics determination application has been busy at Port for approximately 2 years. The Smash up of this technique can be summarize as follows:

  • The industrialization of the ergonomics red Converting interrupted above 1100 method sheets with potential ergonomic desk trouble from reaching the building plant
  • The industrialization of the ergonomics warning processing decrease the work circumstances of the ergonomics engineers by 20%.
  • The engineer that would be composed the process sheet became conscious of Economics job and started out writing their very own process linens to address this kind of occupation ahead of they were flagged by the program
  • Ergonomics can be described as necessary occupation to both equally ford and the UAW.

They give us the quantifiable advantages of the system that include the cost conserving over seventeenth million us dollars in term of keeping away from injuries was associated with the reddish triggers and reduce the volume of warning triggers that most recognized Rebel to been personally inspected by simply 20%. The scope in the artificial intellect for the ergonomics industrial engineer is that can make their work easier and improve the performance of the flower. The benefit of the device both quantifiable and roundabout, were primeval higher than the development cost and system is a very effective mechanical putting on artificial intellect.

Application development and deployment:

The artificial intellect development to get our applications here at what manufacturing executive system is based on the platform utilizing the significantly less work and knowledge work tools. We now have found this tool give a flexible and powerful expansion environment whilst providing access to all Oracle database device and SQL, flight after that we can admit this tool provides the capability to build a graphical user interface throughout the CLIM deal and easy communication to some and websites. Our manufactured intelligence system makes 1000s of database transaction every day and this is all accomplished with the average response moments of about almost 8 seconds for every single artificial brains process bed sheet validation.

The development of the economic research system intended for process approval took regarding two month with our group of to developers along with additional time given by the ergonomics specialist. The artificial intellect system selection the required information from a great Oracle data source does the required processing and write the result back into the Oracle data source.

Maintenance of the system is manufactured much easier and simpler by the use of knowledge basic that runs on the description reasoning framework. We also build a suite of regression. Additionally we can declare the knowledge based content situated in added looking at functionality that validates the entire that are being edited to specific slot and attributes for different classes of concepts.


In conclusion it can be said that we described two different applications of ergonomics analysis which can be associate inside the ford. There is not any query that Ergonomics is actually a complicated aspect in manufacturing and essential to always be addressed on the primeval period available. We all described this kind of application of ergonomics analysis inside the process preparing region for fort exactly where it open to evaluate the Assemblage work before it hold the Assembly flooring for potential is ergonomics abuse. This kind of ergonomic investigation of process sheet determinate doubt involvement in the area of duplication insistent issues, extreme tool revolution and vanish of heavy parts without some sort of mechanized fade collabration. Down the road we project to raise the achievement with the current system with further more division equivalent and dissipate the economic analysis to snap various other potential problems.


It gives me great inspiration my pleasure to convey my Deep and sincere as a result of my instructor Sir Dawood Idrees for his kind support that assist to finish the research paper successfully.

I would like to thank the following people for his or her knowledge and expertise in developing this method.

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