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This is a five page daily news dealing with the Blackfeet Country Indians. It will eventually explore the tribe’s background early life styles. It will also cover the health and education in the tribe today. Problems facing the group and methods used in preserving their traditions will also be dealt with. There are several references utilized.


The Blackfeet Indians are a Indigenous American group that live in Northern Montana. They have a record rich in traditions and rituals. There is a lot of controversy how they started to be known as Blackfeet, but many still find it because of the dark-colored moccasins they wore. Really not sure just how these moccasins became dark, but two suggestions would be the Indians colored them or perhaps they were discolored by alpage fire (

The Start

The original home of the Blackfeet is believed to have been in the eastern woodlands “north with the Great Wetlands (” Above three hundred years ago they commenced their go on to the west, first along the Saskatchewan River and then in to the northern flatlands. The Blackfeet spoke in the Algonquian tongue which was from their native asian region.

The Blackfeet gone from a hunting and gathering tribe to nomads who sought after buffalo. That they used each of the parts of the buffalo-the flesh intended for food, the hide for clothes and housing, plus the horns and bones pertaining to utensils and tools. The Blackfeet as well used art and containers made out of wooden.

War and Migration

In the early 1500’s, there were people in the east that were even more dominate mainly because they had the supply of guns gained via trading with french. The preventing caused by competition for the fur operate forced the Blackfeet Indians to move western world. During the migration, three independent tribes were formed- the Peigan, the Bloods as well as the North Blackfeet.

As the trading with the white gentleman increased, the Blackfeet Indians found weapons and horse were beneficial in their hunting and battles. The Blackfeet became experienced horsemen who soon uncovered they were a formible challenger against all their old adversaries. By the early 1800’s, they found themselves at warfare with the majority of the tribes inside their region (

In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s two separate Smallpox epidemics worn out over two-thirds of the Blackfeet Nation. In the late 1800’s the Buffalo herds disappeared in the Northern plains, causing wide-spread starvation and leading to the Indians dependence on the government.

Characteristics of their Fine art

Though art work was a crucial part of Indians life, they didn’t have the word art in their vocabulary. They did artwork for philosophical reasons, even though the white person thought artwork needed to have a separate place and use. An example of all their ethnographic utilization of art is usually using the Sunburst design for any war bonnet (Young Man).

Current Financial Issues and Location

Today, the 1 . your five million desagradable Blackfeet Country Indian Booking is located in Northern Montana beneath Glacier Nationwide Park. The over 8, 500 Indians who survive the booking constantly confront economic concerns. About 50 percent of the Indians live in poverty, while all their unemployment price is

69%. They wish that by simply sanctioning the USA’s only offshore financial institution, Glacier Worldwide Depository, they are able to persuade foreign depositors to get involved with projects that may create fresh jobs for the Indians (Ritter). The Indians are dependent on the federal government

and they understand this as a way to gain the group where the govt falls brief. The

Blackfeet are in desperate will need of new real estate and educational institutions and overseas investors understand


Education, Health and other Problems

Unemployment isn’t the only problem the Blackfeet encounter. Almost half of the children won’t graduate from High School, although since 1979 it is required that every Montana general public teachers include a history in Local American Research if they will teach on or near reservations ( The number of single-parent households is alarming because it’s twice the countrywide average. The Indians are six times more likely to die from addiction to alcohol than the

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