dramaturgy and social interaction composition


Josiah Platt Soc 210 1 . Precisely what is Goffman’s principle of “impression management”, that you really need words? Why is it often called the dramaturgy model of social interaction? (Look for chapter 5! ) Goffman’s principle of impression administration means that we always try to give that good impression of ourselves, even if that means laying to do it. It’s often called the dramaturgy type of social connection because people place a facade on with respect to the person they’re with. For example , my brother was born here, while many of my loved ones was born in New York.

When we go up to New York, my tiny brother Zach has the biggest New York feature you have heard in your existence. 2 . How is technology changing interpersonal interaction? Experience it changed the interactions you have with family and friends, how? Is there more distractions that impact your sociable interactions? (Make sure to reread and incorporate concepts from pages 120-124 “interaction in cyberspace” within your answer.

) I believe that technology has changed in person interaction.

2 weeks . lot several talking to someone face to face than it is to concept them on Facebook. My Dad always foretells me concerning this. He noesn’t need a Facebook or myspace; in fact he doesn’t understand how to turn on a computer. A lot my buddies have smartphones, and when there is certainly an awkward moment in public, is actually straight to tweets, Facebook, text messaging, or some new app. We don’t have a smartphone or perhaps texting, therefore i either endure the pain of the uncomfortable moment, or perhaps I become I’m sending text messages someone. On the net social interaction does carry out some good even though.

I have a brother in rules who is a loner, yet I can speak with him upon Facebook. There are more distractions that impact social connections in my life, nevertheless they usually don’t come from myself. As I said before, I may make-believe that I are able to shut the earth out via my phone, but I truly can’t. several. Do you observe these fresh forms of cultural interaction while positive, adverse, or the two? Explain. Like i said in the second question, I see these new forms of sociable interaction because both positive and bad.

There are occasions when I want I could jump on my mobile phone that I you do not have and I may play terms with friends or hop on twitter for the awkward moment arises, but I usually make an effort to live through that gap. A lot of people live on all their phones though. I have a good friend who is often doing something new on his mobile phone. Instead of asking someone best places to eat, they can shake his phone and it’ll work as a slot machine and like magic , come up with a place. Interaction on the web has removed a lot of social connection, which can’t be good. We have a flipside, although.

I really carry out have a brother in law who have as each of our society could say, is socially uncomfortable. He often would fuck and not claim a word. Fees that I proceed babysit for his or her family and it’s just all of us in the living room and you simply could hear a flag drop. He added me personally to a dream football league a couple of years ago and now we certainly have something in accordance to talk about. All of us still have not found very much common floor but when all else fails, we all just speak about sports. four. How do you respond to the discussion that these new technologies produce more alone people, instead of bringing these people together? Simply by alienated, After all withdrawn or emotionally disconnected from regular society) I believe that the discussion of even more alienated people from world is right. Possibly talking contacting companies is becoming aged and outdated. I aren’t text, so I’m usually talking to my local freinds on the phone. I possess friends whom tell me that I’m the sole person that they talk contacting companies with. Everyone else gets a text. I actually had a discussion with one of my best friends for 39 minutes fourteen days ago. I was so happy with myself.

There is also a fear of awkward moments inside our society and we will do whatever it takes to avoid that moment. Now that means reducing social conversation with strangers. 5. Look at the social networking web page (i. elizabeth. MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn) of a friend, co-worker, or the own, and apply Goffman’s dramaturgy/impression supervision theory of social discussion. After recording an overall review of elements that you see for the page (even the use of cultural elements like a subculture, costume, language use, norms), go over the impression this person providinf.

How might their/your friends interpret that impression? How might a potential employer understand that impression? This account uses the brand new timeline design. There is a photo of an LOCAL MLS soccer game from a fantastic seat while his banner picture. For his tiny profile picture, there’s a photo of him with two of his close friends at an N. C. Point out football video game. He provides his work listed beneath his account picture together with his birthdate, where he was born, and the college he goes to. He could be closing in on 1000 friends, so I’d claim he’s a popular guy.

A lot of his posts are about sports. He stays out later I can observe since he checked in on four square at waffle property at a few: 00 I AM. He content a lot of song words of the tune on his page as well. He doesn’t bane on Facebook or myspace, which is very good if an employee looked at his page. He usually dresses in a jacket and denims. He’s providinf this impression that he’s always in a fantastic mood and watches a whole lot of athletics. I think a company wouldn’t mind at all in the event that he looked at his account (unless your dog is a duke fan).


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