competative analysis the puma corporation reebok


Inspecting the prices of Puma and comparing having its competitor rates was uncovered, that all of options more or less on the same price levels – medium to high. Although, Nike and Adidas products are mostly costly, while The puma corporation is providing items for reasonable prices. Today’s Puma is not only sport clothing and equipment, although also add-ons. Puma fingernail polish, deodorant, shower pastes and cologne are easy to locate not only in Puma stores, although also in department stores. The other benefit of Puma’s prices could be the discount program – together with the appearance of new collections, elderly ones receive good savings.


Puma can be making a big effort upon promoting themselves in many different methods. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a prosperous company without an official internet page, so certainly one of Puma’s advantages is the fact that this not only provides one, but also offers its buyers to view and purchase their products on the web. Puma is also very interested in online customer care – delivery time can be 2-7 days and provides a 40 day time return right.

Goods on discount are also readily available. A huge work is made on organizing situations not only to get young people.

The objective of these situations is simple – combining spare time with sporting activities: from easiest like ping-pong and darts to basketball, basketball, volleyball and the game of golf. As its opponents, Puma is definitely not lagging behind on organizing charitable organization events and donating money in Children funds. Puma is likewise working together with United for The african continent and Soles4Soles funds. Going eco-friendly is also one of Puma’s advantages. In order to reduce the environmental impact, Puma is dependent on the cooperation of other market players.

To tackle this problem, Puma has started to gain support coming from national government authorities, environmental companies, and reps of scientific research and sector to push for the shift in the current business paradigm towards a more sustainable procedure. Puma has demonstrated that accounting for the environment is no longer a ‘holy grail’ objective, but simply makes good organization sense.

Image/Brand In the the past few years the The puma corporation brand has become a synonym of style, fashion and sport. Puma has elevated their manufacturer image so that they now compete with fashion brands as well as all their traditional sportswear. To extend all their brand Puma has created principle retail stores that enable individuals to experience the manufacturer in interesting and persuasive ways. Nike brand convey the company’s aim of fusing sport performance and style contending very closely with Nike’s value proposition.

“Sport performance”, “sport heritage” and “sport style” are the three different areas that Adidas offers chosen to contend with the value s�lections of their traditional competitors. Nike has developed a brand that has global reach planning to bring development and motivation to every athlete in the world. They will has partnered with the planet’s most famous sportsmen to build their very own recognition and reach, perfectly demonstrating the strength of image promoting. As well as Puma, Nike has extended all their brand simply by creating concept retail stores.

Nike differentiates themselves from The puma corporation by concentrating on “performance powered style”, although Puma focus on “lifestyle driven style”. Adidas tries to enhance their performance through technological innovation just like Nike’s manufacturer. Through the years Reebok has developed a brandname that focuses on the lifestyle along with “having entertaining staying in shape”. Reebok is usually fresh brand, but not while trendy because Nike and Adidas. Similar to most of the other brands Reebok attempts to promote themselves through well-known athletes as well. They gain ground throughout all sporting activities against it is competitors. Lately Reebok used innovative patterns to make all their sports footwear convenient.


Puma is a famous brand, but , unfortunately, not one of the most favored. To analyze customer’s opinion about The puma corporation and its products, a survey was made. Through interviews of 20 young adults – a long time 16-30 – who were asked to tell what they thought about Puma as a brand, their design and price of their products compared to their opponents, and their promotion effort. Taking a look at the answers separately, could be concluded that they are almost as well, but you can still find a few outliers. Furthermore, buyers were asked to tips what Puma should do to get more attractive. It had been found out that many of the buyers would advise Puma to target more upon design and making the brand name more competitive and visually recognized. The primary “issue” intended for Puma when viewing the answers was that the shoppers prefer different alternatives, including Nike and Adidas. This was mainly because of better and trendier design, which can be targeting the “younger” goal group better.


The key products of Puma will be sportswear, sport shoes and accessorize. The puma corporation divides their products into a couple of main classes: sports and lifestyle. Sports activities field involves clothing intended for sports just like: football, working, sailing, the game of golf, motorsport and rugby. Way of life part contains: timepieces and body use product choices, providing Downtown Mobility. The key product of Puma – casual shoes is very unlike their rivals: Puma shoes and boots are more popular shoes, than athletic shoes. Furthermore, Puma comes with an Urban Freedom collection cooperating with world-renowned fashion designer Hussein Chalayan. These types of unique designed footwear, apparel, and add-ons will help Puma to create a utility fashion sportswear, offering to get the Mobile lifestyle. This look gives the advantage to their items to become more fashionable and classy.

Mission/Vision Puma cooperates with their main opponents – Nike and Nike in order to obtain their mission for a better world pertaining to the years to come, leaving behind Reebok. Puma’s quest and vision is to operate ways that contribute to the world simply by supporting creativeness, sustainability and peace through staying faithful to the beliefs of being Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative in decisions made and actions taken. According to the aim they will keep on making the items for their customers to take pleasure in, and at the same time provide that vision of a better world just a little closer each day.

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