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In business, the significance of customer satisfaction cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, with more and more many companies providing identical goods or services, dissatisfied customers can easily look for additional alternatives. Appropriately, firms perform whatever it takes to retain customers and keep them happy (Kumar, 2016). With huge technological improvements over the years, organizations are more and more relying on i . t (IT) being a valuable drivers of customer satisfaction (Mithas, Krishnan and Fornell, 2005; Ryding, 2010; Deloitte, 2013; January and Abdullah, 2014; Meige and Schmitt, 2015). Be it processing a buyer order or automating luggage handling, firms in different sectors and industries include adopted contemporary technologies so that they can enhance process efficiency. Actually most organizational processes have now been digitalized – they might require just a mouse click or small manual function. While digitalization has produced important rewards for businesses in terms of lowering operational costs, it has developed immense value for their consumers, hence elevating customer satisfaction.


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A single context where digitalization may have gigantic value to get the customer is the port market. The sector is concerned with a plethora of services ranging from container handling and delivery to dock management, and inland strategies (Branch, 2012). Industry players have significantly adopted digital technologies in order to serve buyers better. Amongst other systems, cargo monitoring technologies, security systems, sensor technologies, wireless technologies, cellular equipment, drones, 3D stamping technologies, and analytics systems are gaining popularity in the slot industry. These kinds of technologies have got proved to be valuable in ensuring regular shipping and cargo delivery, guaranteeing freight security, maximizing port ability, improving process efficiency, and reducing functional costs for both slot operators and the clients (Accenture, 2016; Heilig, Schwarze and Vob, 2017).

Yet, there is certainly little scientific evidence of the partnership between digitalization and customer satisfaction in the slot industry. Concentrating on APM Terminals (APM), the present study searched for to fill up this distance in materials. The study specifically sought to measure how the organization can make use of digitalization to boost customer satisfaction. APM is a Dutch multinational textbox terminal business. With its head office in The Hague and beneath the ownership with the global conglomerate Maersk Group, APM supplies terminal businesses, cargo support, port administration, and pot inland services to numerous customers in more than 62 countries around the globe. The company offers over seventy port and terminal facilities as well as more than $4 billion in revenue as of 2016, making it one of many largest box terminals and port working companies around the world.

1 . 2 Conceptual Framework

Customer romantic relationship management (CRM) literature firmly emphasizes the importance of healthy relationships among businesses and their customers (Ryding, 2010; January and Abdullah, 2014). Indeed, in the business world there has been an amazing shift from product-oriented organization to customer-oriented business (Mithas, Krishnan and Fornell, 2005). This has been educated by the ought to lure new customer and keep existing types via long term relationships. For any business firm, creating long lasting relationships with customers includes undertaking activities aimed at developing and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship. The organization rewards through buyer loyalty and profitability, when customers gain by having the requirements satisfied according to their targets. For any sensible business organization, customer satisfaction is definitely the prime objective (Bhatnagar, 2016)

The use of technology can travel customer satisfaction. Technology influences client satisfaction by transforming customer service processes, increasing support quality, improving information exchange between businesses and clients, and increasing the organization-customer relationship (Ryding, 2010; Jan and Abdullah, 2014; Bhatnagar, 2016). Further, technology permits business organizations to lessen operational and transaction costs, deliver offerings at a lower price, reduce delivery or wait times, as well as increasing the perceived value of products or companies (Mithas, Krishnan and Fornell, 2005). This may have confident implications intended for customer satisfaction. Essentially, the study was based on the concept technological usage on the part of a business drives customer satisfaction.

1 ) 3 Issue Statement

Digitalization gives a valuable chance for enhancing client satisfaction (Mithas, Krishnan and Fornell, 2005; Ryding, 2010; January and Abdullah, 2014). Nevertheless , much of the books in this area has paid attention to the impact of IT assets on touchable organizational functionality measures just like productivity, success, and the true market value. In other words, there has been little focus on the connection between IT opportunities and intangible aspects just like customer satisfaction.

The scarcity of scholarly attention to the impact of digitalization in customer satisfaction is particularly true to get the port industry. Much of the literature in this field focuses on organizational metrics including container ability, output, and cost savings, providing little or no focus on customer satisfaction and also other customer metrics (Branch, 2012; Lee, Tongzon and Kim, 2012). The scarcity of research inside the context in the port industry may be due to the fact that the port industry continues to be relatively sluggish in implementing digital technologies compared to different industries. Certainly, the slot industry has always been mainly the same for the last 5 decades, and have been slow to embrace new-technology. This means that sector players continue missing essential opportunities to maximize customer satisfaction. In the port market, digitalization can be valuable for improving the efficiency

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