Personal Ethical Dilemma Essay


A global food get together was done, during my sojourn in Asia as an exchange student.

Since, I had been the chairperson of the Korean language language membership; I ventured to prepare cheyookbogeum or Korean food with this party. My spouse and i endeavored for this only following consulting with the other people of the team and eliciting their thoughts and opinions. Due to close collaboration between the club associates, the opportunity depicted exceptional progress. Throughout preparing the meals, I was restricted to decide whether to add MSG to the foodstuff.

I had to endure quite a bit of consternation regarding this kind of decision, the party as a result, was not everything big which made me choose the easy way out. However , I used to be not able to escape from having to scrutinize the case precisely. The principal issue that I had to consider was that addition of SIDE EFFECTS OF MSG to the foodstuff would boost its taste and this could result in a much larger number of people shopping for it.

This will bring about a natural increase in earnings, which will enable me to contribute more money and supply incentives to the members who were making plans for the party. Regrettably, MSG will not promote health and its extented use usage could prove deleterious. In addition , in the event that consumers reached know about having consumed MSG at a later date, some may develop a detest for the meals, which could possibly lead to their abstention coming from such foodstuff. Thus, simply by avoiding the addition of MSG, I would be acting in an honest manner,?nternet site would have displayed greater concern for the health of the customer. Nevertheless, I really could refrain from adding the SIDE EFFECTS OF MSG and promote the food to be prepared via solely clean ingredients.

As, the flavor would not be all that appealing to the consumers; it would be difficult to recognize profits. All the same, this meals could be offered as wellness food and then there might be a chance of making increased profits. Most said and done, this matter was not of sufficient value to impact the community. Yet , it offered me with an opportunity to choose not only the perspective of a consumer but that of a associated with the company.

Furthermore, I learned that one should think about, long term points of views, while acquiring decisions.

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