Dar es Salaam Essay

Dar es Salaam Essay

Education in respect to Nyerere (1967), identifies the transmitting from one era to the next the accumulated intelligence and knowledge of the society and to prepare young people for his or her future membership of the culture and their effective participation in the development. In other way it might be defined as a process of teaching, learning and training especially in educational institutions or schools to improve knowledge and develop skills. (Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary, 6th Edition). Education is the technique of acquiring and developing attractive knowledge, certain skills, great attitudes and values. (Thungu, J. et al, 2010) History is the study in the records of past human being experiences, because defined with a number of historians.

It is concerned with political, interpersonal, economic, medical, technological and cultural that have shaped and given birth to mankind. History of education can be defined as study regarding the past progress educational devices, theories and institutions inside the general historic framework of political, social, economic, technological, technological and cultural transform. (Thungu, L. et ing, 2010) MAIN REASONS WHY STUDENTS’ TEACHRERS’ STUDY GOOD EDUCATION To begin with, studying history of education allows teachers to become in bettering quality of education and strengthen specialist competence.

Studying history of education prepares professors to explore and critically look at alternatives education theories, methods and tradition so as to objectively determine what is acceptable. (Thungu, J. ainsi que al, 2010) Likewise, previous experience support teachers to become to influence current decisions today. History of education helps teachers to become to improve making decisions and wisdom. Through it both negative and positive examples of decision are given. Good education offers the opportunity via past example of the others through which formulation of policies to suit the current education systems are made.

Moreover, helps you to draw a comparison of different educational ideas and show the progress various educational theories and practices in educational framework. Through evaluation one is capable to show the development of a particular theory and practice in famous context and demonstrates a certain condition away, which this kind of a theory arose, the precise function that a practice was intended to provide. (Thungu, L, et ing, 2010) History of education offers the opportunity to observe how society has changed over centuries. It provides a better understanding of people and culture. Tanzania especially, education program has been changing from time to time regarding instance targets of native education are different from the post colonial period.

Through it, teacher to become can be able to show the big difference objectives of education basing on diverse generation. (http//: www. wikipedia. history of education/) Helps to cultivate the art of personal expression, interaction, inquiry, aim thinking and ability to evaluate on the side from the teachers being. It enables in the developing the frame of mind of brain that separate the educated person, the habit of skepticism and criticism of thinking with perspective and objective of judging precisely what is good or bad, along with weighing the advantages and disadvantages. (Thungu, J. et approach. 2010) Learning history of education enables student- teachers in choosing suitable methods and strategies the moment in classroom environment or context.

Student-teachers to be in good location to avoid static methods of educating and learning, at the same time theory improve the tradition methods to complement current scenario. (http//: www. wikipedia. great education/) As well, it reveals the student-teachers to various other discipline just like history, Christian religion education, oral literary works, sociology and psychology. This can help in enriching the analysis of significant educational tips. (Thungu, M. et ing, 2010) That enables student-teachers in including both theoretical and sensible education. Understanding the context of historical incidents engender the spirit of realism.

Through various education theories produces or build good basis in setup of subjects. (Thungu, M. et al 2010) Then, it helps in establishing the sound knowledge and skills emerge which instructors will be able to build as they are exposed to different lifestyle experiences. For example, having analyzed a history of education in a specific society, a student-teacher will be in a good position to take care of the students of this society properly and proficiently. (http//: www. wikipedia. history of education/) Studying history of education helps student-teachers to convert information and judgment, encounter and knowledge into relevant knowledge that a student can appreciate, retain and pass in front of large audiences.

Generally, Studying history of education for the teachers to be is of great importance with their prospects of teaching. History of education is portion and parcel of the instructing profession, when a teacher desires to be effective and efficient. RECOMMENDATIONS http//: www. wikipedia. great education/ thirteenth, Jan, 2011; 11: ’08 am Ishumi, A. G. M., (1978), Education and Development, Ceder es Salaam: National Creating Company Limited.

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