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The disappearance of Dannielle van Atteinte in Feb of 2002 had all of the markings of abduction – murder. The main suspect seemed to fit the stereotypical information of a individual who would likely carry out harm to a child. AS the main points unfolded, there was no significant twist and turns to acquire the police astray from identifying David Westerfield, a neighbors who were living just two doors down from the truck Dam’s because the primary think, and convicting him from the abduction which turned into murder.

David Westerfield was a quiet professional design engineer who have kept typically to himself. Other than cleansing his RECREATIONAL VEHICLE in the front yard in front of his home, Mr. Westerfield existed a reclusive life. He did not appear to be hiding virtually any deep secrets, but then this individual did not permit any good friends and friends close enough to seem too deeply into his life. The following information contact form a detailed go into the facts of the watch case.

Danielle’s disappearance and Westerfield’s Arrest.

Around the morning of Feb 1, 2002, Dannielle was put to bed simply by her father. Her mom was away at a party for a coworker at a local bar. Her father at first told the police reported he woke up about 1: 35 A. M. Saturday to leave out the relatives dog and noticed a burglar alarm mild was flashing. He uncovered an open moving glass door on the back side of the house, yet thought nothing of it. This individual put the dog out and back in, and after that returned to bed. Mrs. Van Atteinte arrived home around a couple of: 30 A. M. And stayed up for another hour with her husband and friends who returned from your bar with her. She was reported to have been dancing with all the suspect, Mr. Westerfield while at the the bar. Multiple witnessed reported that your woman and the think were very touchy-feely because they danced in a dirty moving style, even though Mrs. Truck Dam denied it. The couple visited bed devoid of looking in on their daughter, even after finding the again door was left anublar.

The following morning, the few called law enforcement officials, reported the kidnapping, and initiated a tri-pronged search, rescue and reward plan. On Feb ., investigators searching for a missing 7-year-old girl announced that they believed the second-grader was kidnapped from her home. Law enforcement officials interviewed the neighborhood girl’s parents, relatives and friends with the family as they looked for clues. According to reports reports, investigators also spoken to her educators and examine a diary Danielle truck Dam kept in class at Creek part Elementary School. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, assistant law enforcement Chief Sam Creighton explained officers which were working nonstop on the disappearance had begun to develop a number of leads, yet at that time he’d not intricate. “We include dedicated twenty-four hours a day on this case, and we are pulling in even more officers and detectives, inches Creighton said. (signonsandiego. com, online)

Law enforcement followed all their slowly unfolding leads till February twenty-two, when the caught David Westerfield on the bases of obvious evidence in the case which connected him to the girl. North park police researchers announced that blood of missing 7-year-old Danielle van Dam was available on an article of clothing possessed by David Westerfield, 12 News reported.

Westerfield, 49, who lived just two doors straight down from the van Dam family’s home, was arrested by his attorney’s early each day of Feb. 22. Westerfield was put in the back couch of an unmarked police car, and getting driven away simply by authorities.

In a press conference Hillcrest Police Office Chief David Bejarano informed reporters that Westerfield was arrested upon charges of kidnapping, and this more fees could be granted in the near future. The real key ‘witness’ and most important website link in the proof chain this led law enforcement officials to Westerfield was a drop of Dannielle’s blood that was found on among Westerfield’s blazers. No brief review was made whether or not or certainly not this was the coat he was wearing while dancing with Mrs. Vehicle Dam, but later in the trial, inquiries were raised to claim that this was the truth. At the time of the arrest, police chief Bejarano said “We believe with no question which the DNA data links Mister. Westerfield to Danielle’s disappearance… Danielle’s blood vessels was present in an article of clothing which usually belongs to Mister. Westerfield and also in his motor unit home… The analysis of the blood sources was conducted here in our lab and it’s really a real organized, complex procedure – necessitating hours and days of control. “

The Sandiegochannel. com, online) The primary called the DNA facts “a extremely, very strong link” between the single father of two and the missing 7-year-old girl.

During the time of the criminal arrest, the body of Danielle still has not been found. Nevertheless , before the trial began, the body of the overdue girl was found in a web-based region of the desert. Additional evidence which usually surfaced also connected Westerfield to the site where the human body was discovered.

Westerfield’s Trial and Dedication

David Westerfield was a twice-divorced engineer who was little seen in his suv neighborhood. However, prosecutors recommended that Westerfield had an additional side that none of them of his friends and neighbors knew about. While searching his house they found child porn material, which lead officials to think that Westerfield kidnapped Danielle for sex purposes, then simply killed her. Danielle’s human body was learned February 27th, just days after Westerfield’s arrest. Westerfield was in prison at the time with no bail, charged with murder, kidnapping and possession of child pornography.

Authorities say that pedophilia is a lifelong condition that most individual try to keep key because of the disgrace and stigma associated with this. No one genuinely knows how many pedophiles there are mainly because no large-scale surveys have been completely done, and many never act on their sex fantasies. inch If that they don’t act out and don’t get discovered, it’s improbable that people know they are pedophiles, ” said David Finkelhor, director of the Crimes Against Children Exploration Center in New Hampshire. (signonsandiego. com, online) based on the same media report, Playground Dietz, a Newport beach forensic psychiatrist said that occasionally people who have been law-abiding pedophiles for years abruptly commit a crime due to overpowering stress. Many studies upon sex offenders have advised that the pressure is stored in personal shadows right up until pushed in to the light by outside power, or which can be personal trauma, or unpredicted enhanced desire.

In opening statements, a prosecutor revealed the physical evidence the other day that he said links David Westerfield to the kidnapping and killing of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam, including the blood facts on Westfield’s clothes, and the inside of his motor home. Fingerprint and trace evidence recognized as van Dam’s was also available inside the electric motor home.

In response, Westerfield’s attorney launching a blistering harm on Danielle’s parents. Steven Feldman attempted to create ‘reasonable doubt’ by simply suggesting which the second-grader might have been kidnapped by simply any number of persons whom truck Dams frequently invited into their life using what Feldman called their “risque behavior. inches

By the end during, attorneys in case had handled on the total spectrum of subjects which were the talk of the community seeing that Danielle faded the initially weekend of February. The subjects had made raucous public discourse, while people reviewed the influence of pedophilia on the part of the suspect for the effects of incorrect parenting.

The attorneys mentioned Westerfield’s number of pornography. They talked about the van Atteinte and their activities on the day their very own daughter disappeared, including the truck Dams’ parenting habits, which include their weed use and the alleged intimate peccadilloes, which might or may not be related to who killed the girl.

However , during the course of the trial, the witnesses who also interacted with Westerfield inside the day from the abduction completed any darker corners

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