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Prevention and Control of the Flu

The flu can be described as serious illness yet one of its advantages is that a vaccine does exist to contain the spread preventing or at least mitigate its symptoms. The flu virus is a virus and offered antiviral medicines like Tamiflu are not as effective because treating, for example , a bacterial infection with an antibiotic. The most effective technique of treating the flu should be to not get it at all – which is why vaccination is so necessary. However , possibly flu shots are not especially effective on a seasonal basis: “A flu virus mutates at an extremely high rate as it reproduces, and some changement will change the following tips of the area proteins. The antibodies cannot grab tightly to the modified tips, therefore the virus has the capacity to proceed using its invasion. From one flu time of year to the next, the evolution with the flu makes last season’s vaccine useless” (Zimmer 2013). The influenza vaccine is definitely not always a fantastic match intended for the season’s current stress.

The mutability of the flu virus means that it truly is particularly harmful when one of a kind strains surface area, such as regarding H1N1 (so called ‘swine flu’ for its origin) in 2009. Although this virus did not become a pandemic, the risk was there “because it was so new, people’s immune devices might also be unable to stop the virus” and scientists acquired trouble creating an effective shot and releasing it for the public (Zimmer 2013). The flu is not an discovered bioterrorism risk but a flu pandemic can greatly hamper a nation’s production. Even if a vaccine is made, distribution may be challenging. The U. H., despite it is considerable resources, struggled with H1N1 vaccine shortages and a expanding world country would have even greater challenges when confronted with an unexpected outbreak due to a mutated computer virus.

Topic C: Helminth or perhaps other non-malaria parasitic attacks

“It can be estimated that over a third of the planet’s population, generally those individuals living in the tropics and sub-tropics, are afflicted by parasitic helminths (worms) or one or more of the types of Plasmodium” (Mwangi, Bethony, Brooker 2006). The developing globe is at particular risk as a result of poor hygienic practices and sanitation. As a result of infrastructure challenges within the developing world when it comes to adequate sanitation, worms remain one of the most tough vectors of infection to eradicate. It has been noted that prevalence of

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