Protestant Reformation, Henry Viii, Church, Incest


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Catholic Church in the 16th century and explain what factors/Social circumstances exacerbated the unrest associated with the Protestant Reformation.

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Review types of information.

There are several politics, economic and religious factors that resulted in the Protestant Reformation. Though it did not take place until the sixteenth century, it had its origins in the fourteenth century.

What were a number of the arguments directed against the Catholic Church in the sixteenth hundred years?

The causes of the truly great religious revolt of the 16th century may be traced backside as early as the fourteenth century. First, the doctrine from the Church ongoing its training course in several parts of Europe, wholly uninterruptedly. The unhappy conditions that been around were mainly due to municipal and profane influences or to the physical exercise of specialist by ecclesiastics in city spheres. Slowly but surely, in many areas of Europe, political and social conditions hampered the reformatory activities from the Church plus the forces of heresy and schism started to take maintain and were no longer held in check by the harmonious action of the ecclesiastical and civil authorities.

Additionally it is important to remember that the local clergy were very intertwined inside the secular existence and had personal and worldly interests and also religious. Many ecclesiastics were chiefly interested in their salary and how to increase it, gain greater electric power.

In addition , Britain was a far away and separated country as well as for years had an uncomfortable relationship with the Catholic Church. The adoption of Protestantism was a politically rather then religiously enthusiastic move. Wedding of Henry VIII to his brother’s ex-wife, Catherine of Aragon, was regarded as an act of incest. When Holly finally determines to divorce her since there is no guy heir and marry Bea Boleyn, this individual seeks a papal dispensation. But in in an attempt to marry her he needs another papal dispensation and this would deal church rules. The Pope refuses; Henry marries Bea Boleyn and is excommunicated constitute the church by Pope.

That was possibly the key politics factor that led to the reformation. But the Catholic House of worship had different weaknesses: competing popes in Rome, Avignon and other areas; there were doubtful rituals and practices such as worshiping the saints, conducting pilgrimages and celebrating mass. Couple that

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