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Customer Behavior – Analysis of Coca-Cola

Consumer Behavior – Analysis of your Product or Service

The objectives on this report should be discuss what consumer actions are, why client behavior is essential, and how buyer behavior is inspired by the demands, goals, and motivations with the consumer. The purchase and use of a product or service by the Coca-Cola Company provides support in this report. The consumer behavior of consumers of soft drinks will be assessed in order to identify their demographics, influencers, and why they prefer one drink more than another. Consumer segmentation may also be presented inside the report. The segmentation will be based on the Pepsi Company and how they have segmented their customers. The company’s promoting mix will probably be discussed with an make an effort to determine if it really is effective, and exactly how it impacts the consumer tendencies.


In the present times, the marketplaces have grown to be extremely competitive. It is vital for any company to recognize the demands of it is consumers and be sure that it fulfills these requirements with goods or services they provide. A firm will have to fulfill the needs and requirements with the consumers when it is to survive in the competitive marketplace. The company that has an ability to meet the client needs, and identify their particular behavior a lot better than its competition will have an edge and will be more likely to succeed. Client behavior targets the study of groups, or people and the processes they make use of when choosing, buying, and using a services or products Grubb and Grathwohl, 1967.

Consumer patterns also focuses on how the products or services impacts the customer and society. It will blend sociology, psychology, economics, and social anthropology elements inside the attempt to understand a client’s decision making process. Consumer patterns studies you will of an patient like behavioral variables, and demographics in order to establish the wants of individuals. Peter and Olson (2005)

states that consumer tendencies will also make an effort to assess what influences consumers into obtaining certain goods over others. The affects could be close friends, family, culture, and reference point groups. Study regarding consumer behavior is based upon the buying habit of consumers. The customer plays 3 distinct functions of buyer, payer, and user. According to research it has been established that consumer actions are hard to predict. Authorities in the field have also recognized that it is difficult to anticipate the consumer tendencies.

It should be noted that consumer tendencies only concentrates on consumer shopping for behavior of the customers that will use a good or assistance for their own personal consumption. The analysis will involve the ability intended for recognizing what influences the customer in their decision making process. Influencers like sociable class, tradition, lifestyle, era, cravings, and much more. Linking an individual’s self-concept with the symbolism is one theory for understanding consumer habit. This would be based on the card holder’s personality and the perspective picture regarding the good. This indicates that a marketer should certainly find out how several individuals perceive themselves as well as the symbols that appeal to them in influencing their very own buying process Brinkmann, 2004.

Decisions regarding the marketing blend to be used by a business can be helped by understanding a consumer’s behavior through symbolism and self-concept. This could be essential to the organization as it would formulate successful marketing strategies. Consumer behavior research can lead to developing the product benefit and assist in developing a value that attracts the consumers.

The link between consumer ideals and needs

The needs of a consumer tend to be referred to as the daily your survival requirements just like food and water. The need for a consumer can be affected by desire, and worth which would make it a want. The first level in the decision making process of someone is spotting, and becoming aware of his/her demands and would like. A soft drink like Coca-Cola has been identified by many customers to be a necessity, which has made consumer more aware of the merchandise. The consumer tendencies for this method such that it is purchased as a survival want. Marketers ought to recognize this kind of fact in order to develop an effective marketing blend. Consumers of Coca-Cola receive certain rewards, and they are capable of expressing themselves with the product. The consumers include a sense of respect, and they are recognized within their social group when they choose the product.

Consumers will choose particular goods and services because the services or products will provide the customer with benefits and the buyer can go to town with the products or services. Social, functional, and experiential needs are the three distinct types of consumer requirements Fornell ain al., 2010.

Social requires are concerned together with the consumer’s interpersonal image, and they are satisfied once their photo is efficiently affected. Practical needs would be the needs that could satisfy the product’s main purpose. Experiential needs are like desires, and they will reflect the card holder’s desire for enjoyment. The desire for pleasure is recognized as as the most biological need. These needs have been in comparison by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which includes placed physical needs just like hunger and thirst as more vital. These two hypotheses indicate that it can be essential for a company to understand the hyperlink between client needs just like satisfaction and values like culture Koufaris et approach., 2001.

It really is clear that satisfying a consumer’s requires will influence their buyer behavior and decision making method.

Target buyer segments

Pepsi has segmented its consumers based on their age, lifestyle, friends and family, and geographical location. Youngsters and the youth are the main marketplace for Skol. Persons aged between 15-35 years had been the main focus in the company. The corporation has not segmented its buyers based on male or female as studies have shown that both genders have the same taste for the merchandise, and they carry out drink Coca-Cola. The lifestyle of its very likely consumers can be defined as people who need to be recognized in society. People who have associated the item with entertainment and fun loving are also the likely consumers in the product. Having advertisements that demonstrate the drink been enjoyed by simply families assists in promoting the product to the whole family. Geographically the product is consumed around the world. There is no very much difference inside the quality and taste from the product. The branding and packaging from the product is common, and this makes it easy to be acknowledged no matter the area. The company focuses on geographical spots that are climatically hot. Since the drink strongly recommended to be served cold, the business promotes it is product towards the hot areas in order to impact the buyers. Consumers residing in urban areas have been completely identified as more likely to purchase the product. This is because the product is connected with trend of urban culture. Brand conscious consumers are very likely to consume Pepsi than any other drink available in the market.

Some of the external factors that may influence buyers of Pepsi are education, social position, product recognition, income, and lifestyle. They are external elements that will affect people to pick the product rather than its competitors. The level of education is an external determinant because educated individuals are more likely to understand the noted brand. The advertisements the company develops include hidden text messages that not everybody would figure out. Educated persons would be even more willing to choose the product because they understand and recognize the product. Social position will also influence people to pick the product. Pepsi is recognized as a prestigious company and people will want to be seen having the product. Buyers have a desire being recognized and any item that will assist in increasing their particular recognition inside their social circle may very well be preferred by consumer. Coca-Cola is a merchandise that is acknowledged worldwide, that makes people to become more willing to drink it with out hesitation regardless of where they are located. Been a worldwide manufacturer means that persons all over the world will easily identify the product and will be more happy to purchase that instead of the very little known brands. A person’s salary will effect the products they will purchase. Skol has identified this reality, and they have provided items that will go well with all income levels. The organization has Coca-Cola drinks suited to all the profits levels through the low income to the excessive income amounts. Creating distinct packaging for the similar product offers ensured the fact that company will be able to satisfy the requires of the distinct consumers.

Obtain decision making process

The order for any bottle of wine of Pepsi can be installed under the making decisions concept of habitual Hoyer, 1984.

Consumers of Coca-Cola know the drink they favor, and they have made it a habit to be investing in a bottle of Coca-Cola anytime they visit the store. Recurring purchase have following features frequent buy, low cost product, familiar item, requires very little involvement constitute the consumer, and little thought is required during the buy. The purchase of a Pepsi drink needs little making decisions effort from your consumer. This differs from other purchases just like

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