Consensus decision making composition essay

A choice is a determination of a problem or question by making a judgment. Decisions are a a part of everyday life for normal human beings and can be since insignificant concerning where to eat lunch, or perhaps as important as if to appear the marriage problem to a longtime girlfriend. Decisions can be manufactured in a variety of techniques, but most of the time they are either made independently or in a group setting. Equally individual decision making and group decision making have their pros and cons, and can even determine the kind of individual you happen to be.

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Decision making is not always a fairly easy process, yet is a part of life.

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You will find major dissimilarities between group decision making and individual making decisions. When individuals are in a group, decision making could not only involve one individual’s opinion, yet everyone’s view which could become vital towards the final outcome. This might sometimes generate it easier for a concluding decision to be reached, or maybe produce it also harder to get to a final decision.

Arguments and arguments can occur in group making decisions based on other’s opinions. At times people make an effort to persuade additional individuals to transform their decision to the one they want, by providing them their particular opinions and making them appear to be facts. Group decision making may also be positive since there is more brain power involved that may ultimately lead to a quick and even more efficient kind of decision making.

The other form of decision making is usually individual decision making. This type of decision is basically primarily based solely on one opinion and one opinion only, which ultimately provides the individual what they wish. The individual decision making also originates from one standpoint and only through the knowledge in the individual. This could lead to a misunderstanding in order to decide as the individual was presented the information to process and had a difficult time understanding on which way to choose. The individual’s knowledge on the topic they can be deciding on can be little to non-e, and could lead to a bad decision. In either case, individual making decisions and group decision making both have their key differences, positives, and disadvantages.

All of the activities in class and the film “12 Angry Guys,  give us individuals a lot of perspective in decision making and in addition show us the explicit pros and cons. One very interesting and entertaining assignment we had todo was the NASA task were as individuals i was given 12-15 choices of significant items and had to rank them depending on what we believed was essential. Then we were put into groups and had to decide which ones were most important with the exception our opinions. Many people had conflicting views on the thing that was important and what was not really, and some had not realized how important an item was until these were in a group.

It was incredibly interesting to view how all the group people came to decisions on this even though conflict acquired occurred. One more group activity that we performed in class was your time capsule activity. It was another firmly opinion structured activity nevertheless because there were other people inside the group there was many products being tossed around. Generally there wasn’t a set set of items to pick from like the NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) activity, and so there were unlimited amount of choices and some choices were surprising. A few important items were a lot of the times forgotten by the people in the group because their particular opinion came into play, which was just as the NASA activity. There were many disagreements although working in a bunch setting because some people may possibly have different goals.

The movie “12 Angry Men showed us even more positives and negatives of individual and group making decisions. In the beginning in the movie all but one juror votes separately decide that the man was guilty without any deliberation in the evidence. After discussing every piece of facts the court slows uses a turn toward not guilty. Even though some were obstinate, the fact that all of the jurors talked out their opinions and had an acceptable doubt had some of the transform their decision to not guilty. After very much deliberation and conflict, the jury was unanimously selecting that the offender was not responsible after all. This was after the majority of the jurors acquired decided responsible, which meant that the group decision making was much more successful than the person decision making. The ideal decision was made in the end because of the talking and opinions that had been thrown about which ultimately had the jurors changing their preliminary decisions.

This movie again showed us the positives and negatives when it comes to decision making. Effortless that group decision making can be described as much more successful way of deciding outcomes this is why it is so often used in the United States Government. Examples such as the House of Representatives and Congress display how many people strategic about new decisions. Many new laws are discussedby these groups of persons and then sooner or later passed towards the president. This kind of just illustrates how people opinions and votes matter to the government. Of course the judicial department is the branch the uses group making decisions a lot.

Jury’s make decisions on offences by deliberating and speaking about evidence and whether we have a reasonable hesitation. They reach a decision together and all have to acknowledge the same thing. The executive part also uses group decision making. The chief executive just won’t make decisions based on his opinions, he usually consults many persons about fresh changes that he really wants to make. The president is merely one mind, and if he gets more opinions from other brains he can ultimately decide on whether or not this is going to profit society as a whole. Individual decision making and group decision making have major differences. Both of them have their positives and negatives that are a part of everyday life, and are frequent in the govt.

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