The levels of prevention in epidemiology support provide a construction for health professionals to get involved and prevent disease, injury, or perhaps disability. What is epidemiology? The earth Health Business (2014) claims “epidemiology is the study with the distribution and determinants of health-related states or situations and the putting on the study to the control of disease and other wellness problems (para. 1). The National Bronchial asthma Education and Prevention Guidelines data showed that surexcitation of serious asthma episodes have gotten more severe over the years (Dougherty & Fahy, 2009).


In 2010, one out of eleven children was diagnosed with asthma (Centers pertaining to Disease Control and Elimination, 2014). Youngsters are presenting using a combination of symptoms that present an increase in severity with expiratory airflow and decreased lung function screening (Dougherty & Fahy, 2009).

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When kids present with shortness, wheezing, chest tightness or coughing in school, the student has to are accountable to the school nurse for their breathing difficulties protocol treatment ordered with a physician. If symptoms aren’t easily controlled, the child might have to be cured in and outpatient establishing.

Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Elimination (2014), children missed a total of five million days of school and cost the us fifty-six billion dollars dollars 12 months for treatment. Last season, the annual average price was $1, 039 per child with asthma. The Healthy Persons 2020 manufactured pediatric bronchial asthma an effort due to the increasing prevalence and cost in the us.

Epidemiology Framework

The epidemiology framework involves three levels of prevention; major, secondary and tertiary. Major prevention strive to reduce the happening rate of recent cases in disease. Principal prevention approach to promoting a healthier lifestyle is to emphasize in educating persons on risk factorsand protective strategies. A primary prevention technique for asthma sufferer is instructing on steering clear of cigarette smoke, insect allergens, molds and pet dander (Agency for Dangerous Substance & Disease Computer registry, 2010). Supplementary prevention concentrates on early reputation and quickly treatment of the condition. This level of prevention is targeted on slowing down the progression in the disease process and decreasing the impact of the disease procedure on an specific or community. There are a number concours that one can do to reduce the exposure to contaminants in the air, pollutants, or perhaps irritants that may trigger an asthma instance. Schools and homes may use a free ranking air purifier pertaining to rooms, obtain a vacuum with an DUST filter or us an HEPA filtration in the air duct system.

These kinds of systems aid to eliminate animal dander, smoke, air pollution, conforms, dust mites, and animal allergens. Many schools include introduces studying dogs inside the elementary educational institutions to reduce the worry of browsing. Depending on the seriousness of the allergy, the student many not be able to have the class. Families can easily select a family pet that has low dander levels. It is difficult to get out dander and dirt particles out from the carpet, hard wood floor may need to replace the carpet. Cigarette smoking affects roughly forty-two percent of children between age age ranges of two months to eleven years of age (Agency for dangerous substances & Disease Computer registry, 2010). Informed tobacco people who smoke and the effects that tobacco smoke can include on the respiratory system in people of all ages. Tertiary Prevention strategies is definitely implemented to stabilize and restoring operation from harm that has come from a chronic disease. Education on medication complying for the chidhood patients and families is vital for this amount of prevention.

Ecosystem Model

The ecosystem of children’s well being is a intricate model which has the child and family in the centre of the primary (Friedman, 2010). Circling the center core are individuals and organizations that interrelate strongly with the child and friends and family such as universities, faith community, doctors, community services, and environment (Friedman, 2010). The further circle in the style are health care insurance agencies, businesses, philanthropy, and research (Friedman, 2010). The model recognizes several areas that affects childhood asthma. First looking at the genes of the kid and then assessing the cultural, natural, and built conditions that affect acute asthma attacks intended for thechild. These are generally all areas that need to be closely investigates to figure out how come children are having amplified intensity during a great acute breathing difficulties attacks. Consistency and duration of asthma problems affect kid’s social and academic life.


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