Beneath is a set of possible approaches to this task and with them you will discover the drawbacks and positive aspects. After carefully analysing these kinds of choices Let me pick the smartest choice.

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Database Positive aspects Using a database is a very basic option. Nearly all employee devoid of too much guidance could use the perfect solution to enter data and carry out the basic operations. Making use of the database sorcerer, the data could be input right into a table plus the field types could be reported. Thus will make data entry effective and unsophisticated.

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The built-in features of any database is going to diminish the chance of errors throughout the input procedure. Adding a brand new record to a database would be simple since entering it underneath the previous record. Statement can also be quickly printed removed from a database and are pleasing in appearance previously without the need of significant modification. Info validation is also a key part of this project and a database previously has the appropriate data acceptance methods pre-set end stuck into the key of the repository application. Drawbacks Functions such as the ability to accomplish complex statistical calculations aren’t necessarily included in a databases application.

To overcome this irregularity the database will have to be cross-linked to a spreadsheet application. This will of course grow the workload and the size of the task, which in turn would be useless. Also, various other features of a database happen to be fairly limited.

This would for that reason mean that the database system could not be adequately tailored to take on the problem. This kind of solution could prove to be expensive. Commercial Software Advantages Commercial Software programs are generally basic well suited towards the problem available to some extent.

They may be easy to use and come with intensive help courses to modify the functions and utilities to fit the and help the end consumer and also include suitable training materials and tasks because of it illiterates Down sides The costs of those Commercial Software program is quite high. The characteristics of these are certainly not suitable for a task of this build and even with major changes would not be completely ideal and would be prone to error. Such applications do not have acceptance methods built-in and do not enable addition of such Add ons. This would be a stumbling block to the whole program and the quality of the system would undergo as a result. This solution could be expensive.

Chart System Positive aspects A spreadsheet System might be a more clear solution. These kinds of a schedule would be able to be implemented with alleviation. The outstanding feature of a spreadsheet over the other options is the capability to enter and manipulate intricate mathematical formulae and the capacity to process numerical values with out too much efforts.

All of the task could be finished within this a single package with no need for the usage with other applications and part embedding extra programs. This can be implemented by fact that the sheets can be linked to one another. Reports can be easily printed out via the macro feature of the schedule.

Disadvantages In order to use the spreadsheet, the unsaid rules of manipulating formula within a spreadsheet have to be learned. Exact keeping of cells and macros will have to be recorded. The schedule system layout is fairly difficult to follow.

This solution could be expensive. Unique Program Advantages The advantages of developing a unique program utilizing a high level/imperative programming terminology is that the styles, functions and forms of the screens may be manipulated to suit the end users. The program might come with extensive help courses and instruction for the finish users.

The screens will de designed specifically applying extensive research techniques to collect information to get the program and meet the users requirements and create a user-friendly interface. Lurking behind this useful interface, all of the required formulae and utilities could be implemented. The cost of making a bespoke plan is nearly none following purchasing the software program to create this kind of a program having its official certificate, which is a wonderful advantage in the previous good examples.

Disadvantages The sole obvious drawback to this kind of a solution is the time taken to complete the task. After the primary research and design period, the whole design and style and setup of the program and intensive testing could take 3-4 months to be totally implemented. On the web Web-Based Answer Advantages The benefits of using on on-line system is which the system does not have to be restricted to one machine or a local network of computers nevertheless this availability can be bigger and reached all over the world by the right employees.

Security can be maintained my own strenuous password and protection checks and Internet I actually. P. tackles can be recorded and supervised. Integration of spreadsheets should be implemented into such a Web-Based Answer. Disadvantages In the event this remedy were to be executed, it would be a very foolish decision.

The fact which it can be accessed all over the world probably appealing initially, but what in the event the security with the website is definitely overcome and the marks of hundreds if not thousands of college students could be revised by a single teenager which has a bit of efforts. This would take the whole business into disrepute and impact the future of various students. Apart from the security worries of this answer, the fact that it needs to be linked to a chart so that computations can be carried out efficiently is an upsetting feature to this exaggerated solution. Reports could be printed to the extent but the design can be very unprofessional if not really amateurish every user can do this. This remedy could prove to be costly.

Paper-Based Program Advantages There are no true advantages of a paper-based program apart from the reality it is a approach to recording the data Disadvantages The disadvantages are the inability in order to save information in a professional manner. Sheets could be misplaced. Only 1 user may use the system simultaneously.

Handwriting could be a problem to see and appreciate. Also errors can easily arise much towards the despair of students. Chosen Solution One thing to realise is the fact no problem includes a solution, which can be 100% best. This is true intended for the problem in front of you as well.

As they all have some disadvantages it is the one, which has the most advantages and the least disadvantages. That seems apparent enough in my experience that is why I’ve chosen to produce own system using the UNIQUE PROGRAM alternative. The reasons why possess chosen this option is because it is just a sensible choice and it can end up being suitably executed and built to the users requirements as it can be altered and shaped to excellence.

Also it is certainly not that high priced so it helps keep the bank manager happy, which will would not have been completely the case merely had gone together with the other options! The layout of the varieties could be suitable for use the user and I would not have to add features, that happen to be not required by the users. The feedback in the users may be used to design the type of inputs and outputs they might require from the program and how they wish to enter the info and then result the information by means of the reports. This as well enables me personally to create a adaptable and innovative solution to the situation.

The reasons why I possess not applied some of the additional possible alternatives is a lot of them are not useful while others happen to be surreal! The concept of incorporating two programs to work together with each other appears to be impossible, as it tends to make life hard for the end user then this current methods they are using. Also some with the solutions recommend features, which may affect the honesty of the info within the enterprise and allow that to be susceptible to hacking and malicious damage from exterior sources. Additional solutions don’t have the necessary features to carry out this.

This is why I’ve eliminated these kinds of solutions when it comes to which strategy to use as well as the only one that seemed sensible would be the UNIQUE PROGRAM choice.

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