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Harry Porter plus the Sorcerer’s Stone is a English American film that was launched in 2001. Chris Columbus directed the filmwhich is usually entirely depending on fantasy. The movie is based on the novel simply by J. E. Rowling, Harry Porter plus the Sorcerer’s Natural stone. On the other hand, Our creator of The Bands is a illusion movie based on the story The Lord with the Rings by J. R. Tolkien. The film was directed by Peter Jackson and created by Fran Walsh. The two popular movies have obtained huge fame since they were released. However , there is much debate around the differences and similarities and differences among the two imaginary stories. The essay beneath will be assessing and different the aspects of the two imaginary stories.

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The plot of both films is based on a great imaginary, succinct, pithy and wonderful world. In Harry potter, the storyline reflects on an undesirable, young and orphaned boy who was to save his community by beating an nasty force. In the same way, in the movie Lord from the Rings, Frodo was to conserve his globe by busting an wicked power. Harry Potter was going to kill Dark Lord Voldemort while Frodo had to defeat Dark Master Sauron. While the Harry Knitter movie is acknowledged as a sequence suitable for adults the Lord of The Rings is usually an epic experience that is not suited to all children and posseses an age limit. The plan in Harry Potter concentrates on Harry’s tale and is intertwined with a universe that is familiar to their viewers and focuses on just how one increases and deals with the problems they encounter inside the life around them. On the other hand, Head of the family of The Wedding rings covers the stories of nine friends especially following their separating and the tales of other characters as well. The writer also makes an entire fresh mythical world for the viewer.

Character types.

In both movies, the heroes are not totally human even though have man qualities that enable the viewer to easily relate with them. The protagonists in both movies have mentors. The advisors in the two movies aid to restore peaceful and reliability in the scene of the film when every hope seems lost. The 2 protagonists Frodo Baggins and Harry Knitter are quite comparable. They are both orphans, were both cast to a magic globe they understood little of and they the two had destiniesthey never requested. Harry had to face The Dark Master Voldemort. Frodo had to visit Mount Doom and ensemble the One Ring so that Darker Lord Sauron would be defeated. The primary antagonists are also quite similar. Equally Sauron and Voldemort wanted total control and electricity. They also applied objects that had their particular power caused in all of them which allowed them to make it through despite having been destroyed prior to both reports began. Voldemort had the horcruxes whilst Sauron had one engagement ring. They were both known as the Darker Lord and folks were scared at the mention of their brands.


In the motion picture Harry Assurer and the Sorcerer’s stone, the castle has a great explanation without the make use of useless Jargon. The producer created the school’s image at the beginning of the movie throughout the unfolding in the story. On the other hand, in the film The Lord in the Rings while the movie grows the character types move in many quite different settings. The environment in this film requires greater depth as it does not incorporate the real globe. However , the writer with this story tries to incorporate some sense of reality to the setting. This individual therefore shows the setting an understanding of the old world. In the same way, to Harry Potter, the setting of the story is within current times although the fortress has been there for centuries.


The themes addressed inside the two movies are quite distinct. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone deals with themes of affection, death, oppression, survival as well as the theme of good versus bad. On the other hand, film production company Lord in the Rings circumstance is more traditional and it has a typic epic story. It deals with themes such as very good versus wicked, death and immortality, expect and lose hope and even understanding and informative. For instance, the theme of magic in Head of the family of The Jewelry is mirrored but it is not to become celebrated although instead it is to be detested and completely destroyed. Character types such as Aragorn and Boromir as asked to avoid the magical capabilities that the ring holds. Boromir dies following he sought the capabilities of the diamond ring. Ontheotherhand, in the movie Harry Potter plus the Sorcerer’s natural stone, the same theme of magic is usually viewed quite differently. Magic and sorcery is encouraged and accepted by human heroes in the motion picture. Conclusively, some themes might appear quite identical in the two movies even though are construed differently in the movies.

Motifs and symbols.

The lord from the Rings includes various symbols such as the band, the great vision of Sauron and even the minas tirith. The diamond ring is a symbol of theevil that is shown in the video, the great eye of Sauron is also synonymous with the evasive evil in the film. Some of the motifs in the movie incorporate geography and race and physical appearance. As an example, the article writer uses the physical voyage to symbolize a persons experiences. Right now there also use of numerous races such as elves, guys. orcs and hobbits to exhibit the realm’s diversity and the various varieties of characterization. Alternatively, Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone details the muggle world as an ordinary globe with non-magical beings and this in contrast to the wizards who also are known for their magical methods. An example of muggles are the Dursleys who will be selfish and cruel people. The movie as well uses signs as the scar upon Harry’s confront which is a symbol of astounding and unique information about him that he would not know of. The lightening scar tissue on his head is much of the honor as it shows just how he made it through a great battle.


Although the composing of the two fantasy reports is years apart, the fantasy genre of the two movies provides enabled viewers to properly compare the components of both movies. While seen, each of the movies revolves a illusion concept. The storylines are very similar yet include quite different concepts. Some concepts can be mirrored in equally movies yet be looked at from a totally diverse point of view due to conflicting reports. However , it is to be mentioned that the primary idea of the movie was to deal with the bad forces which might be reflected. These discussion includes both the commonalities and the variations in both movies.

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