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The frequency of mental health problems in people with afflictions is predicted at between thirty and fifty percent, in Hong Kong (Vasa Roy, 2013). Anxiety disorders are the most common mental problems happening during teenagers and childhood, at least one in 10 people having anxiety disorders. In addition , anxiety disorders are definitely the most common manifestations of emotional distress among people with autism. People with autism are much probably anxious than their non-autistic peers. Oftentimes, they are described as highly anxious. The co-morbidity of splitting up anxiety is usually frequent in people with autism. Similarly, epidemiological studies suggest that roughly eighty percent of people with autism include separation worries. This analyze concentrates on talking about the treatment technique or way of Autism and Separation Panic attacks among children and adolescents in Hong Kong.

Risk factors owing autism

Young people with autism are definitely more prone to separating anxiety disorder a lot more than all their normal peers. This can be caused by variations like inadequate support, lifetime of adversity and poor coping expertise. In addition , deficiency of cognitive and social methods to cope with adulthood is thought to contribute to this vulnerability. These variations help the heightened weeknesses of demanding life incidents that can result in separation panic attacks. Poor linguistic skills, over protection and difficulties in dismissing fears are possibility of separation panic attacks (Mash Barkley, 2013). Sometimes, separation anxiousness can be out of proportion to be caused by something particularly. Developmental disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder tend to make adults and kids more susceptible to separation anxiousness.

Autism and Separation Anxiety

Recent research depict that that children and children with autism have if you are a00 of splitting up anxiety. As an example, people with serious autism illustrate a higher level of separation panic on a subscale score of the DASH-II than persons of low levels of autism. Comparison studies on behavior and psychiatric disorders point that samples with autism can be associated with substantial rates of mental well being disorders, precisely separation anxiety disorder (Ozonoff, Rogers Hendren (2013).

Adolescents and children with autism display high costs of separation anxiety disorder. Excessive functioning autism adolescents have reached a higher risk for separation anxiousness than the typical population. Yet , the risk factors and correlates for these co-morbid issues continue to be unclear. Actually young people with autism tend not to discuss their very own mental health problems in subjective terms. They have a tendency to use descriptive terms associated with unpleasant emotional and physical sensation. These kinds of people use words such as fed up, temper and scared. They also describe their physiological symptoms of parting anxiety as hyperventilation and sweaty hands.


Successful interventions are around for children and adolescents with autism and separation disorders. There is a great in-depth body

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