Liz Lochheads poem Box Room plainly presents her contradictory thoughts and feelings about an event. A first trip to a boyfriends hostile mom is first presented with great confidence but afterwards becomes an experience of unrelaxed and despair. The first few lines of the poem show the mother is very hostile: First the welcoming. Smiles over-all. A space Intended for handshakes. They are non- paragraphs, like stage directions, which give the impression that the mom is wearing a efficiency and it had been insincere. The lady is very comfortable of her relationship with her man.


Although the mother tries to help to make her truly feel she is only temporary: Hell make do tonight Inside the lounge on the put -u -up. Perfectly For a evening or two. This phrase implies that the mother thinks the girl will only become staying for any night or two and then she is going to have left. The mother as well tells the girl she is certainly not the 1st girl he has brought home: Once or twice ahead of Hes rested there. This emphasises the fact that girlfriends he has brought residence have not started to be serious or perhaps permanent. Throughout the conversation while using mother Lochhead inserts remarks showing just how confident the girl with: ( Also with matter for my own comfort )

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( Lightweight, glossy, made from some man-made miracle) These types of paenthical remarks show that the girl considers the mother is miserable and pathetic but the lady can laugh at her due to her high self-confidence. The girl seems that her boyfriend has broken free and moved on from his mother. She then utilizes a metaphor to demonstrate that she gets the mothers pathetic shrine which your woman keeps being a memory with the sons child years. She uses a metaphor to exhibit her confidence as the lady uses a mocking tone. Despite her initial confidence, when the girl can be left alone in the room with all his aged toys etc she starts to have doubts about her relationship with her sweetheart:

Peace to unpack nevertheless I found non-e This shows she can’t find serenity to sleep via all his old removed childhood property. She then simply becomes more and more worried and doubtful about her relationship and how long it will last: Persistent fear Elbows myself, embedded deeply here In an outgrown bed Personification can be used here showing the depth of the dread and gives the image that the fear is a living partner in bed with her. The girl then feels she actually is only temporary and wont become his girlfriend for a lot longer: Your bookshelves Are populated with past prizes, an array of plots cultivated thin.

The books signify the boys previous female friends that his mother hinted about and she problems she will turn into discarded like the rest of these people. In the initially half of the composition her parenthetical comments were a sign of confidence and carried slightly humour although towards the end they show that she actually is becoming more unconfident: Using a selection of techniques personification, parenthetical comments Lochhead evidently shows the way the girl fun at the mother but then contradicts herself through her comments seriously and wondered in the event she is only temporary and how very long it will be prior to she is discarded like the rest of his female friends.

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