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The recommendations for vacationing by bike do not go beyond and more if it is your initial trip. For this reason it is important that you take into account the following tips to be comfortable very safe on the roads of the country, and do not complete penalties with errors that could have been avoided.

For example , the most important is to define the duration of the trip, review the weather forecast along the quest and especially the destination. In the same way, these conditions will allow you to find the necessary clothing very well and never carry each of the luggage within the motorcycle.

Also, we recommend that you wear a good safety equipment to use along the way. That is, a certified head protection, boots that cover the ankles, a clothes, gloves and pants with protection and to wear a raincoat in case the weather conditions intensify.

Mauricio Salazar, table manager of Royal Enfiled in Republic of colombia, recommends two accessories of great support during the time of travel, a device that has GPS NAVIGATION to avoid loss on the road and an external phone chrgr for mobile phones, since in the case of running out of demand, You can get this during the way.

Before the trip try to take the motorcycle to a authorized support center and inform about the route being made plus the duration in Km. The aid and maintenance property have an founded protocol to check the motorcycles before getting into a long walk.

Additionally it is vital to check the condition of the tires. This important component must have the pressure recommended by the producer and without cracks, which have the tread, with channels of water expulsion and have not any abnormal bulges.

Various other aspects to control are the speed-checking device to avoid infractions by speed limits. The fuel level indicator likewise prevents olive oil leaks as well as the suspensions working properly.

During the trip, we must be mindful and have specific tools to resolve an unexpected event. And respect the principles of transportation and not put your life in danger, or those of the friend.

Look at your motorcycle before you travelling. Everything must be in ideal condition, pads, greased and tensioned stores, correct olive oil levels, wheels with the ideal pressures and drawings, dangerous spring pre-load depending on the fill to be carried Note that a tire with pressure Completely wrong is easier to suffer a puncture and more serious grip on the asphalt with all the danger of accident that entails.

Prepare the itinerary.

It is advisable to put together the plans in advance as well as arrange hotel in advance. Tracks on less-traveled roads are usually more gorgeous than about motorways. Travelling unhurriedly and avoid driving at nighttime, after eating and the central hours during where the team rays are fully working. Take advantage of the hottest hours unwind, eat or perhaps sightsee.

Carry Established Documents.

Do not forget the updated paperwork of the two bike as well as your own. In addition , if you can carry a copy of the documentation of the bike and yours, and even the keys of the bicycle much better.

Organize the luggage correctly.

When you have to carry luggage, it really must be proper buy in hard and gentle suitcases so that the weight distribution can be balanced. Make sure your suitcases or backpacks are securely attached and if you fit a top-case and go without a passenger, it is preferable that you install a large dome or screen that diverts the airflow in the suitcase and so the cycle has more stableness. In addition , for anyone who is very large we recommend carrying a bag above tank to pay the pounds of the back of the motor bike. Remember that a lot more weight, the less souple the traveling. Do not forget in the luggage a little medicine upper body without lacking an lotion for conceivable insect attacks and baby wipes that are cleaned out by insects from the headgear or what ever is needed.

Here all of us tell you the right way to order luggage for a motor bike trip.

  • Travel with a wardrobe and gear that helps to protect you. The high temperatures of summer along with a motor bike always have to get helmet, clothing and slacks with rights can make us enjoy much less of the bicycle. However , there are already various brands of apparel that offer biker clothing for the summer. Be sure you add a water suit to the unforeseen incidents. Find out in this link regarding the costumes to ride a motorcycle in summer.
  • If you travelling in a group. In this case it is useful to possess intercoms, allow me to explain have them designed the stops in the course mainly taking into account the autonomy of the debris. If you are a large number of bikes, it truly is safest to travel in tiny groups in addition to a moved way to facilitate ruling. Keep the safety distance between you and make that wide boucle, so you get compact very safe. More techniques for group routing.
  • Throughout the trip. In summer, it is important to hydrate yourself periodically to avoid warmth stroke and dizziness. You need to make stops every little time, minimum every two several hours.
  • Some useful suggestions. It may be sensible to carry a large piece of plastic material to cover a possible nap in the center of the field. It is advisable to take those necessary clothing and wash it inside the laundry companies or washing machines you find in hotels, hostels or you can even send grubby clothes by any mailbox for a not too high price. You can also use this snail mail service with purchases that you can make through the trip.
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