Bottom of the pyramid case study dissertation

1 . Being a junior person in your company’s committee to learn new markets, you have received a memo from the chairperson telling you to become prepared on the next conference to discuss important questions that need to be addressed if the company chooses to seem further in to the possibility of marketing to the BOP segment. The greatest goal of the meeting will be to establish a group of general rules to use in having a market technique for any one of the industry’s products to be marketed to the “aspirational poor.


These rules needs certainly not be company or merchandise specific at this point. In fact , consider the final guideline as a checklist- a series of concerns that a organization could use to start with in considering the potential of a particular BOP industry segment for starters of usana products.

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Right now with this planet you will discover 2, 582 people living for less than $2 a day and it is this group that makes up the bottom in the economic pyramid (BOP).

With this group constituting such a big and varied part of the market, many companies have been seeking to make their particular presence greater in this area of the market using their products and services. This move is incredibly organizationally tactical as the BOP market has a need for advanced technology. In order with this market motivation to be successful these products must be accompanied by the correct infrastructure support. Even more to this point, for the majority of products, require is contingent around the customer having sufficient purchasing power.

With this in mind, designing an enterprise model to serve the market BOP must start with a basic insight instead of tinkering or perhaps tailoring a small detail of the current business design. Firms and companies must understand that the creation of markets away of unmet needs is usually paramount. In addition to this, companies must make sure that many are successful, actually serve the poor and they are good for these people as well. The BOP is a hard marketplace to crack. Not only do organizations have to account for the some P’s of marketing but likewise, they now need to accommodate the four issues of BOP marketing.

These types of challenges, consciousness, availability, ease of access and affordability are the hurdles that wait in the way of an item being successful or not. In the event appropriatelytraversed, the company can expect to view huge profits. However this could only be carried out through a extremely thorough understanding of this unique marketplace and the ideal application of sensible and pragmatic marketing strategies.

The BOP is definitely not for every company. This market is often thought of as dominated simply by governments, help agencies, charitable organizations, etc . Many companies and businesses choose to leave this market part to the previously mentioned groups as they deem this as a great unnecessary investment. One of the main reasons just for this is the fact the fact that general human population is restricted by their income. If the expense of producing a moderately quality product is high, then the average client in this marketplace would not have the ability to afford this. Not only this, yet increasing ingestion very well will not be sustainable in these BOP areas. With this in mind, there are plenty of questions a business should question in relation to the BOP target audience. Some guidelines or questions that would be wise to request in relation to the BOP happen to be: When looking throughout different item categories the BOP ingest, is it just basic requires? In what merchandise categories would be the products one of the most successful? What type and array of product ought to we provide?

What really does the consumer need from the item?

What should be the brand of the product?

Just how is it differentiated from the competition

How do we best communicate with our target market consumers and persuade these to buy?

2 . Marketing to the BOP raises a number of issues revolving throughout the social responsibility of marketing work. Write a placement paper both pro or con using one of the subsequent:

a. Can it be exploitation for a company to profit from providing soaps, hair shampoo, personal computers, and ice cream, etc, to people with little throw-away income?

n. Can producing loans to customers in whose income is less than $100 regular monthly at interest levels of 20 percent to purchase Televisions, cell phones, and otherconsumer durables be validated?

c. One authority states that blending profits via people with very little disposable income-and often too few to eat- is not capitalist exploitation but rather it stimulates economical growth.

With this day of age, it pays payouts to have a remarkably active and involved industry. If you take one step back, and appearance at the qualities of the developed nations on the planet and evaluate them to those of the third globe or producing countries, many differences could be noted. Yet , one reoccurring trend is the lack of a strong, varied, international and active industry in many with the poorer countries. The locations of organization found in these kinds of areas often operate on a local system with transactions happening between residents and sometimes even forgoing currency to barter. Little by little, many significant companies and firms take note of the markets. These kinds of BOP (bottom of the pyramid) markets will be ripe with opportunity for these willing to take those risk. Various people observe this as capitalist fermage, but in fact, it encourages economic development.

The extension of your company or firm to a BOP marketplace means trading large amounts of the time and capital into the project. These businesses want to show a profit and through mindful investing, will attempt and make sure that. With investments arrive points of contact, the construction of your physical, real storefront, a service scape. With all the installation of these types of comes the necessity of staffing, people to operate the businesses, sell the product and carry the company meaning. Just like in India with Unilever. A number of locals were given an opportunity to leave the life these were living in back of for any option at better existence. Right now 1, 300 women can advertise Unilever goods in 60, 000 towns in doze states in India, totaling to about 15% of the company’s non-urban sales in those claims.

Many individuals tend to harbor xenophobic traits or maybe a fear of alter. In reality the moment if they could take a more rational approach, the advantages of foreign expense would far outweigh their fears. A lot more people are realizing this and slowly are opening up towards the idea. The Vietnamese will be anexample. Right now, Vietnam recieve more than 95, 000 self-employed sales reps working for Unilever to push many into the remote BOP market segments. Such a large force of human capital could do not have been utilized if it was not for the targeting of those markets. An argument may be raised that their purchasing electrical power is not really strong enough or perhaps that they are staying exploited. Yet , in reality, foreign investment enables growth and progress why these areas would not of been a part of that wasn’t for the large companies and firms help.


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