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Agbiboa, D. E. (2013a). Peace at Daggers Attracted? Boko Haram and the Express of Crisis in Nigeria. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 37(1): 41-67.

Boko Haram technically were only available in 2002 nevertheless has been specifically active seeing that 2009. Since that time, the organization has worked hard to discredit the Nigerian federal government and buy a new toothbrush with a great Islamic point out based on Sharia law. Boko Haram can be inspired by simply international radical Islam, and has considered root in northeastern Nigeria. Violence is definitely integral for the Boko Haram methods. More than 3500 individuals have died until now directly as a result of Boko Haram.

The Nigerian government features tried negotiations and offers of amnesty as a swap for serenity, but mutual mistrust provides stalled diplomacy. Both carrot and keep approaches possess failed. Additionally, Boko Haram is relatively fragmented, and different cellular material have different approaches to the Nigerian government and various political sagesse. Ultimately, Boko Haram should be understood within its traditional, social, and political context. It is attractive to the poor and disenfranchised, using religion as being a direct way of social and political control. Suggestions for express responses include ongoing transactions, albeit although embedding counterterrorism measures. Counterterrorism should be significantly less about pressure and more about addressing the main causes just like socioeconomic inequalities and setting up a normative lifestyle in which radicalization no longer happens.

Agbiboa, D. E. (2013b). Why Boko Haram Exists: The Comparable Deprivation Point of view. African Discord and Peacebuilding Review 3(1): 144-157.

Boko Haram did not emerge from a vacuum. Radical Islam has persisted in Nigeria for decades, as independence. The insurgency symbolizes something different, and more sinister in nature because Boko Haram seeks to destabilize the Nigerian authorities within a jihadist framework. Boko Haram’s aim is to surpass the Nigerian government and impose Sharia law after the entire nation. Boko Haram has a political agenda that appeals to the disenfranchised Muslim citizens in the northeastern region of Nigeria, because it targets social justice issues. The Nigerian authorities has been the focus on of Boko Haram, especially after the government-sponsored assassination of Mohammad Yusef. Violence and intimidation aren’t sensible or effective replies to Boko Haram, but transformational anti-poverty policies will be.

Hansen, T. W. Musa, U. A. (2013). Fanon, the Wretched and Boko Haram. Record of Oriental and Photography equipment Studies January 15, 2013 0021909612467277.

Frantz Fanon, top philosopher of post-colonial discourse, would have believed the breakthrough of Boko Haram. Fanon would have framed Boko Haram as a

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