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The three elements of cultural empowerment according to the Pen-3 style can and should be taken into consideration when working with the point population. Each of the three factors of ethnical empowerment: positive, existential/exotic, and negative, effects the overall wellness of the individual and community. Great factors of cultural personal strength refer to “the perceptions, enablers and nurturers that may trigger an individual, family members or community to engage in health practices that bring about improved well being status and must be urged, ” (Campbell, 1995). In the African-American male community, these positive elements might range from the eating of more green green vegetables, using bicycle instead of driving to work, and participating in community projects. Great factors encourage health in the specific frameworks and research points of the city. Therefore , these lifestyle options and manners do not discord with main values and identity. They may be an integral part of cultural empowerment and also personal and public health. Supporting, for example , the development of healthy heart and soul food meals into a individual’s diet will enable great cultural empowerment. Health can be supported with the consumption of dishes just like collard produce and black-eyed peas, which can be integral for the African-American cooking experience. One other example of a positive cultural empowerment would be the engagement in community politics, which can uplift the complete community and mitigate the expertise of racism. As the CDC (2010) remarks, barbers inside the African-American community can be a method to obtain positive information dissemination about blood pressure reduction.

The existential or spectacular elements of ethnical empowerment include a net neutral influence on individual and community well being. As Campbell (1995) puts it, “These will be unfamiliar methods that have no harmful overall health consequences and for that reason do not need to end up being changed. inch For example , plea and other spiritual practices can be viewed as existential and exotic. They actually do not harm the individual, and since cultural symbols must be maintained the health-related team. Actually those practices that seem to be strange and exotic – such as personal quirks and rituals – should not be changed for not any apparent reason. The existential or

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