A few of the Nobel Award winners whom are considered since biological individuals include Charles Sherrington (1932), George Wald (1967), Konrad Lorenz (1973), David H. Hubel (1981), Eric Ur. Kandel (2000), and Linda B. Money (2004). Sherrington and Adrian shared the 1932 Nobel Prize in Physiology for his or her discoveries that had something to do with how the neurons work. Sherrington postulated his law of reciprocal innervation stating that every neural account activation in a muscle mass is inhibited by a great opposing muscles.

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Adrian however accidentally discovered the presence of electrical energy with neurological cells in 1928. Wald is best known for his work with pigments in the retina. Lorenz won the 1973 Nobel Prize combined with Niko Tinbergen and Karl von Frisch for their discoveries concerning patterns patterns of people and teams.

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Hubel and Torsten Wiesel shared the 1981 Nobel Prize for their discoveries concerning data processing in the visual system. Kandel gained the 2000 Nobel Prize for his research around the physiological basis of memory storage area in neurons. Buck is best known for her work on the olfactory program.

Information about biological psychology can easily have wide applications in my everyday life. Through researches about biology applied in psychology, I was able to get more information on mental processes and how I behave according to different conditions or stimuli. I actually am as well able to figure out psychological abnormalities and learn how to respond to this sort of abnormalities. Sources

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