Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care? Essay


As health care professionals, we should know that in the event that confidentiality is usually breached, individuals may be unwilling to disclose complete information to the healthcare professional and even avoid seeking care. (Nathanson, 2000) “The deontological theory states that folks should stick to their obligations and obligations when inspecting an moral dilemma. (Rainbow, 2002) Consequently , a person who comes after the deontology theory will certainly produce incredibly consistent decisions since they depends on their set duties. Following a deontology theory, as healthcare providers, it really is our accountability and obligation to value our patients enough to respect their particular right to confidentiality.

Breaches of confidentiality breaks that degree of trust and respect that healthcare professionals work so difficult to gain, that after that is damaged, and it’s extremely problems to rebuild that trust and esteem. It is authentic that there are times as healthcare professionals that we are obligated by law in order to confidentiality. Inside the story of the ER instance, Carol Hathaway has an accountability to notify the public health department with this situation, this is certainly to protect the healthiness of the community. (Nathanson, 2000) There are numerous consequences in the activities the particular teen girls are playing.

If they continue to participate in these “sex parties” installed everyone engaged at risk intended for HVP, cancers, and ultimately death if perhaps left without treatment. If it is built aware towards the school these “sex parties” are occurring, schools, health-related professionals, and parents can get affiliated with educating these types of teens about these consequences. As stated in the content written by Nathanson, it does not must be told in which this information originate from, and Carol could have been phoning as a concerned citizen and doesn’t have to divulge her information like a health care provider. This is a great sort of using the half a dozen step Uustal model.

When ever applying this model in this situation, start with step 1 : Identify the problem and accumulate all relevant information. Through this ER event two 14 year old young ladies are present, nevertheless they reveal to Carol about “sex parties” with multiple lovers, which could involve several teenagers. Step 2: identify the type of moral problems.

Mentioned previously in step one particular it is extremely regarding to Carol that there are multiple partners and Carol has a emotional issue that there could be many other teenagers affected by some type of sexually transmitted disease, whether it be the human papillomavirus or perhaps something else, all of the teens included should be tested and remedied. Step 3: employ ethics theories or approaches to analyze the condition. As stated over, Carol may be guided by the deontology theory which claims that people (such as nurses) should stick to their requirements and tasks when analyzing an moral dilemma.

Range, 2002) Not only is it her responsibility to treat Hazel, but it is likewise her duty to ensure basic safety to the additional teens which might be possibly involved. Step 4 states explore the practical alternatives. Carol has turned the decision about what the girl believes is the foremost thing to do intended for the selection of teens.

Jean must do this kind of wisely even though as to not break her confidentiality agreement to her patient. Mentioned previously above, once Carol decides to phone the school, the lady should not uncover her personality or in which she received the information from. She should call being a concerned resident that has obtained this information and stated that maybe a few education to teens is necessary. Step 5 is to complete the action. Carol knows what she feels is right, right now she are required to follow through and make the call.

If Jean fails to action, these “sex parties” can continue to happen and there might be more and more critical cases of STD’s enter into the EMERGENY ROOM, or worse, a teenager may never receive checked right up until they have full-blown cancer and it could be inside its final stages to save them. Step 6 is to evaluate the method and result. Carol need to now evaluate the situation and her activities and how they may directly affect her patient, Hazel.

This is important in the manner that your woman could in a negative way affect the nurse-patient relationship, according to what decision she makes and how it can be approached. (Purtilo, 2011) Carol could have offered the situation to the ethics committee. The values committee would have given understanding to what the great thing to do through this situation was and the actual best outcome would be. The ethics panel could have informed her that notifying the school would be damaging the patients’ rights, because they are not required to know. That they could help Jean with understanding what would be the best way to way the situation and exactly how they may help Andrea be the one to see her parents and proceed from there.

This is a very difficult situation for a nurse to become in. She gets many tasks and commitments and discovering the right way to handle the situation can be a challenge, but since a health professional she sees that she has to perform what is best for everyone involved. Sometimes getting through to the affected person is extremely challenging, but knowing the right

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